Canary in the coalmine

And how it escaped…

Debate Tuesday: Fear not, those of weak Constitutions. This is necessary.

Even those of you who are squeamish of talking 'politics' should be concerned. Please read. I really, really hope by the time this posts, others are speaking of it. Even still, my dissent will have been recorded for posterity. I... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: A Tale of Survival from the Past

Apologies for missing Sunday Dinner. I have 2 sets of dinner prep pics... I stared at them for five minutes each, trying to formulate words. But, all I heard were the words to THIS blog "The Liver and Potato Famine... Continue Reading →

Free-Writing Friday: A post from the past – “Gender-less?” Kant say…

Kant say... *hehe* Hey, I could've said: "Find your Nietzsche..." *snicker* (Can't say, find your niche, sorry, couldn't resist...) *hehe* Umm... if I lost you in what a good friend called my 'egghead-land', here's a link.  It is by far, not... Continue Reading →

Whatever Wednesday: An Audience With His Greatness – Sir Real

I am obligated to put a DiScLAiMeR on this blog... the following words are meant only to represent emotions, not logical thought. Well, unless the words obviously do represent logical thought, or, at the very least, some general 'agreed-upon' representation of reality... but... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dinner: A completely ‘made-up’ dish… “Black Lentil and Quinoa Salad”.

I have a recurring tactic in my quest for organization... If you want it to go away... put it In The Way. I use this tactic for everything from my daughter's (or husband's) shoes or socks, to that particular bathroom... Continue Reading →

Free-Writing Friday? Sort of: “Praise be to King Nemo of the Island of Utopia”

{Personal Note... I lied. lol. You get 3 posts this week, thanks to The Conversation Room.} Praise be to King Nemo of the Island of Utopia I have a scrawled journal entry, oh, about 10 years old, regarding my thoughts... Continue Reading →

If you fail to succeed, but do so Epically… did you actually succeed?

If you fail to succeed, but do so epically… did you actually succeed? My plan to get back on track with blogs… has crashed and burned. My attempts to avoid politics, only succeeded once. (Thank you Sunday Dinner blog idea!)... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: Sayin’ what needs to be said…

After the apologetic Saturday skit on SNL about Trump (dog, okay, super adorable dog, supported 45?)... and the proceeding voracious character attacks on His cabinet... I am left flustered, and confused... especially since The Baldwin has announced he won't be playing Trump... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dinner: Quick, Easy Bean Pasta Mixes… For those extra crazy days.

Happy Sunday All! (And happy St. Patty's Day Weekend!) For this Sunday, I would like to share with you a new kind of pasta showing up on the grocery shelves. As some of you know, part of our diet helping (somehow...... Continue Reading →

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