Canary in the coalmine

And how it escaped…

Free-writing Friday: What happens when you ‘write like you talk’…

So... I'm cleaning out my files, preparing for whatever inevitable presents itself in the next few weeks, and found THIS... It's a story I have written in at least 2 other versions... It's a story, a conglomerate of experiences I've... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Thursday: Is this ‘Art’? You be the judge…

I've said it before and I'll say it again, and again... Art is a Conversation. Conversation is communication. Communication requires a speaker and a listener. But a conversation is more than just communicating. There is dialogue. Give and take. A... Continue Reading →

Closing Thoughts on Writing from Someone Who Never Wanted to be a WRITER…

The end is nigh my crickets... I feel a change in the works. As a blogger over the last year, I have been following some great writers’ (and poets’) blogs. I’ve been impressed not only at the level of dedication,... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Thursday: Pandora’s Outbox

I’ve been remiss, and amiss in WP land of late. Apologies to all around. I know from a sample of the emails I have perused… I have missed quite a lot. I feel responsible… and thus guilty. However, I must... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: “The maid stole a sweet potato.”

I'm considering a segment called "Adventures in Parenting". So, for the inaugural test-installment, I give you the long awaited, cooled irradiation story... about my attempt to hire a cleaning service in order to maintain a sane and sanitary home. The... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Thursday: The Things We Thought Wrong in under 600 words.

Lists are a good way to condense and organize thoughts.   So... For the sake of efficiency and time…   And since, well, my time online is nearing an end... or at least reduced to a once-in-a-while gig...   Here’s my... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk Tuesday: Trashing the White Record…

There are so many points of conflict to touch upon in the book White Trash. I have struggled to condense them. I have to resist the urge to grab a pencil and scrawl angry remarks on the edges of the... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: Preparing to Talk Tuesday – Taking out the Trash

It’s been over a week since beginning my reading of White Trash. And I’m still on chapter 1, “taking out the trash”. I’ve started skimming paragraphs. Then I feel guilty, and actually go back and READ them. Then promptly wish... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dinner: Pseudo-expensive favorites that last 2 meals…

Every once in a while, my local grocery store sends some pretty darn good recipes. The new favorite is penne pasta with butternut squash, kale, and goat cheese. This recipe is from October of 2016's "MyMagazine": I always try to... Continue Reading →

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