Canary in the coalmine

And how it escaped…

Thoughtful Thursday: The Beginning of the End.

I've been wondering where my creative energy has gone... not really worried. Just impatiently waiting. Expecting it at any moment to rush back and sweep me off my feet. It's been weeks. Months even. And only hints, here and there.... Continue Reading →

Whatever Wednesday: THE RACE to end all Race…

It’s difficult to find a starting point. There’s so much going on in my head, and outside of it these days. A common theme though has been about ‘race’… There’s a misconception regarding the black/white divide in this country. There’s... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Thursday: Food, Culture… and Religious Fervor.

On Moody Monday, I mentioned a question posed by my oldest regarding our (western) cultural attitudes about food, health, and wellness: “The other day, I had an interesting question posed by my oldest, “Mom, do you think we can change... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: The Perks of being a Statistical Outlier

For this week, I am going to revisit some chapters of Canary in the Coalmine… thanks to my husband who, when I told him I was going to dump the data for the entire book… created an image back-up… It... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dinner: Sweet Potato Jambalaya – revisited. (via teenager-land)

*PERSONAL NOTE: Next time... when entering the 'time' for posting... make sure the DATE changes to the NEXT day... *sigh* (This was not ready to post... still needed to change the name... and fix a few things.) *geez* This post... Continue Reading →

Debate Tuesday: When Philosophy and Superheroes collide, word limit is the first collateral damage…

My personal goal this week was to not post any blogs. The goal was meant to be a direct, karmic, yin-yang, balancing act to last week's attempt to post every day, 7 days in a row. The attempt of posting and... Continue Reading →

Weekend Funnies: A Blast From the Past – and I DID IT! I posted every day! (7 in a row!) *yay*

Oh wait!!! I Missed Moody Monday! Dang it! *sigh* Oh well, what's life without goals? Goal-less? *hehe* Better luck next week... Greetings all. I hope your weekends are off to a great start! For my European friends... Apologies about the... Continue Reading →

Free-Writing Friday: This old man… He played one… then *wtf?*

This free-writing Friday is dedicated to all the writers (and people who write) out there. You know. The ones privy to those little voices. The ones telling stories. Whispering promises of enlightenment, or even just fun... Then... there are these...... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Thursday: A parable for the ages (while praying for emancipation from oligarch-autocrat-ic rule)

Lean in and listen to this my crickets... Thankfully… it’s Thoughtful Thursday. As you may have noticed from previous blogs... I have a strange tendency to identify more with immigrant, slash, marginalized and/or ethnic population, rather than my overall 'white' affiliation... Continue Reading →

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