Canary in the coalmine

And how it escaped…

Thoughtful Thursday: An Ode to Alan Turing

The Turing Test: Semantics. Do you exist? Pragmatics. How do you know? Despite syntax. That’s how.

Whatever Wednesday: The Air and the Light… and the Past beckons…

As I find my footing this summer, sans graduate school classes, plus teenager management... I am reviewing files from my blogging days of old. I will post snippets as I discover them. As I've mentioned on other blogs (unbolt me... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dinner: Vegan Split Pea Soup? Well… that’s a story for the ages…

As mentioned in other blogs, when I have the extra money, and the inkling, I like to challenge my comfort-zone limits on cooking. I do so by buying some main ingredient or even a side dish item, I have never cooked...... Continue Reading →

Weekend Funnies: Modern Republicanism explained

Via Looney Toons. I give you a family favorite. This cartoon snippet makes me giggle every time I see it... It's a talk back to Dungeons and Dragon days... and, well, general geekdom. But now? It occurred to me as I watched... Continue Reading →

Free-writing Friday: Hearkening back… the coalmine looms.

I am taking the summer off from classes. Hey, remember, SANITY is more important than knowledge. I have lots of ideas flitting around... we'll see what happens. But, mostly, I am using this time to spend with the girls... to... Continue Reading →

A day in my life: A sugar by any other name…

...Still affects your pancreas... and thus your entire metabolic system. Dextrose, fructose, lactose, sucrose, pectin... stevia, agave... the list of natural and lab-created sugars are long. Then there's those fake ones... sucralose, aspertame... And even lab created sweeteners plus emulsifiers...... Continue Reading →

Debate Tuesday: What constitutes Obstruction of Justice?

In light of recent events…

firing Comey…

And then hosting Russians in the Oval Office…

And now:

Let us review:

Canary in the coalmine

Debate Tuesday: What constitutes Obstruction of Justice?

At 2 eras of my life, I have been responsible for the care and maintenance, and nurturing, of toddlers. And toddlers, well, they get in trouble, they screw up… they make mistakes.

I will say, the first time around was easy… I mean, if there’s only one… who do they have to blame for their screw-ups?

Well, then I had another child… and the second one definitely upped the game. See, this kid was so empathic, they couldn’t justify vilifying their cool, favorite, older sister for a crime they committed.

So, they invented someone to take the blame.

An invisible younger sister. She was an awful kid… bless her little abstract heart.

Now… we the people have our current President. Thanks to TDS, and Trevor Noah, we shall call him 45.

The newest toddler on the block. (Click on the pic for the…

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It’s the Weekend and this is Funnies

Apologies to the politically averted... but this. Is. Necessary. I have been watching all week the visceral and often humorous attacks on Complicity 45's new book, Women Who Work. From the kinder 'strawberry milkshake' analogy... To the purposeful snark of calling the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dinner: The Red Potato Caper

CASE: The Red Potato Caper DATE: 04/22/2017 SUSPECTS: Grocery Store Produce Clerk, database manager, hacker? (God Bless You) NOTES: Faulty price gun? Misprinted SKU number? How could 6.50 worth of red potatoes be priced at 3.79? (And later, at the... Continue Reading →

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