This is a typical breakfast… 2 times per week. It is worth 8 grams of dietary fiber. (~1/3 the daily requirement). And 3 grams of added sugar. (we won’t bother with the 15 lactose or 10 fructose right now… but we will keep it in mind as the day passes…)

This is not an advertisement or plug for any of the products. Any instant oatmeal with zero added sugar, additives, or preservatives will work (though regular cook-on-the-stove oatmeal is preferred when time allows). Any fruit juice that is 100% without additives, sugar (or fake sugar), or other ingredients is kosher too.

The rules basically are: oatmeal is JUST oatmeal. Juice is just juice. milk is milk (whatever fat content you want… as long as it is only 1-2 times a day). Flaxseed is just flaxseed. Oat clusters… the only ‘allowed’ sugar is 1/8th of a cup (half the ‘suggested’, created-for-giant-people, serving size).

The only thing different is there is usually a whole apple cut up… this is only half… but we will make up for the lost 2 grams of fiber at lunch. (Yes, even I don’t make it to the grocery store in time to restock apples…)

I will post lunch, dinner, and snack options as the opportunity presents itself.

Comments are welcome…