I’m going to attempt to intersperse the food blogs with opinion blogs. The opinion blogs, I considered calling “The Tiny Elephant In The Room”… because there are a lot of aspects of diet and culture that are taken for granted, assumed, and otherwise relegated to tribal knowledge. That tribal knowledge itself becomes law, the Tyranny of the Majority plows through, and logic gets checked at the door.

If you would like to add to the conversation, you are welcome. It’s healthy to share the angst of the ‘food culture’ we are surrounded by…

If you disagree, you are also welcome… just keep it civil please. I don’t mind when people disagree. I think disagreement is healthy.

What I do mind is personal attacks.

Check your Ad Hominem attacks at the door, please. (Authority doesn’t really apply here anyway… since we are talking experience and opinion. If we can back it up with something other than anecdotes, then hurray for us!)

Technically, I think this is The Tiny Elephant Part II… but we won’t bother with details right now.


A lot of aspects of the dietary changes we have made and adhered to have been annoying. The fact that any part of our diet is annoying is ironic, because the food itself is wonderful. I never, ever, want to go back to the crap we were eating, on sometimes a weekly or bi-weekly basis, before this crisis.

I never want to go back because, first of all, I never really liked it in the first place. It was convenient, and to quote a common phrase, “warm, and you could chew it“.

Second of all, since about 6 months into the diet change, even the hint of a smell of national chain pizza has a definitively chemical aroma. When I drive past the various national and international chain burger and fries places, the oil and smoke smells… faintly burnt, faintly toxic, and ever-so-faintly like a funnel cake. Yet, none of them sell funnel cakes.

So, the food is not annoying. Cooking the food is not annoying, though at times – depending on the recipe, can be time-consuming.

Shopping for the food is not annoying. Even when I have to go back to the store 2-3 times in a week just to find my favorite bread or unsweetened tea in stock; I am not annoyed. I am relieved, and thankful.

So, why does any aspect of the diet still bother me?

Well, the diet doesn’t bother me. It is the people, the attitudes, the snide comments, and the questions that get annoying.

At the very beginning and well into the second year, the worst was the “for the animals” angle.

I lost count of how many people, after I told them we had went semi-vegetarian, professed to me, “Oh yeah! I’m doing the PETA 30 day meat-free challenge too!” Ugh. I had to ignore the fact that they had completely missed ‘the semi and -etari- part of the phrase I said. I had to skip that confrontational aspect and briefly (which is impossible) attempt to explain our reasons, without sounding like an animal hater.

At one point, I remember attempting a joke, that promptly bombed, saying something like “Pfft… those animals, they’re on their own”. I may as well have kicked a puppy or threw a kitten across the room.. as to say anything regarding a lack of animal rights… even a poorly executed animal hater joke is off the menu.

What’s interesting is that if we actually did have an angle for our dietary changes; if we had a political or social impetus for not loading up on meat and carbohydrates on a daily basis; people would just shrug and go on about their business.

Why isn’t ‘for my health and well-being’, or ‘to live longer’, a good reason? It seems far less offensive than the ‘I don’t like it’ defense…

Why do we require a purpose and socio-political agenda to do the right, and subsequently, the sensible thing?

I will leave you to ponder that question… because I honestly, have yet to find the answer.