It never fails, I go looking for one thing and find something even better. Praise google. lol. While searching for free clipart to spruce up my blogs with, I came across this image, and had to share it:


I am not a huge Vonnegut fan, though I have read Breakfast of Champions, and believe that EVERYONE should read Slaughterhouse Five at least once. Still, he was brilliant, witty, and a great writer. He is missed.

Anyway, I passed a discussion while browsing through the blogs and saw a mention of artists and how art is used… or something like that. And thought I would share this great quote.

By the way, hello to all my new followers! And thank you! I have enjoyed catching up with your blogs! I chuckled, I smiled, I burst out laughing once (“motorbike pixies” lmao) you all are very cool. 😉