Weird Observation 1


Does this happen to anyone else?

I pull up to the stop light. My windows are rolled down. I mean, it’s a beautiful end of summer, one of the rare not excruciatingly hot days. Why not roll down the windows?

The person in the lane to my left STOPS their car a half a car length back from my vehicle. And when I hit the button to roll down the back seat window (no one is there, by the way), they back their car up even further.

Now, I am not driving a pimp mobile. I have a relatively modest, newer model, four-door vehicle. I am not dressed like a gangster. In fact, I am a mutt that passes as a boringly white, middle class, approaching middle age, woman.

The people here are strange.

This never happened in my old town. In fact, they would pull up beside you and do one of two things: stare expectantly at the light, gripping the steering wheel with both hands, or lean back and casually glance around – they might even nod their head if you looked their way.

Maybe I am just too weird and scary? Maybe it’s the small “Fringe Division – Department of Defense” sticker on the back window?


Why are people so afraid to sit next to someone at the light with the windows rolled down?

Does this happen to ANYONE else?