I had a friend over the other night, and she was asking probing questions about our diet.

I think that she was somewhat confused that we had these neat little mini chocolate cupcakes as dessert. (We are supposed to be health freaks, right?)

I found myself having to justify the inclusion of 10 grams of added sugar to our diet that day.

I found myself explaining that the USDA and FDA have suggested for years limiting added sugar in our diets. The AHA limits it at 25 grams, which the USDA and FDA just adopted, officially.

I found myself shaking my head later, as I reviewed the conversation.


Why, why, why… do people require this ‘all or nothing’ approach to diet, health, and wellness? Why is conviction more important than common sense?

I feel like that most of the time, even with the doctors, I lose credibility because I don’t ascribe to that ALL OR NOTHING approach.

I believe in balance.

I believe in moderation.

I believe in common sense.

That being said, I have to continue down this thought thread, because:

I have learned a lot in the last 4 years.

I have learned how cholesterol is believed to be made, used, and utilized in the body via research articles, studies, and online tutorial articles posted on major universities and university hospital websites. (see the bibliography and my footnotes throughout the book)

I have learned how to write the insurance company to dispute non-payment for services ordered by our doctors and medical professionals, that were necessary to obtain a proper diagnosis.

I have learned to talk to the doctors, nurses, dieticians, and geneticists about the source of the problem.

I have learned what in my daughters’ diet was causing the large spikes of LDL and triglycerides (fasting levels). I have been able to lower them by limiting and/or removing those foods and/or drink.

Those 3 main things that affected their fasting LDL and triglyceride levels and caused the massive spikes were:

  • Fiber – (not enough)
  • Fat (trans and saturated) – (too much and the wrong types)
  • Sugar and Carbohydrates (all types) – (WAY too much, and the wrong types)

In fact, the one that has been both the MOST difficult to limit, and the one that made the MOST difference (besides increasing fiber), was…


Then I read this article yesterday on CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/12/health/sugar-industry-heart-disease-research/index.html


I’m not usually one to call for the pitchforks and torches… but something has to be done.

They OWE us.