I have been pondering what to write about this week and I am torn.


Admittedly, my heart is not in the subject of this blogsite. I desperately want to discuss philosophy (or the lack thereof) and the ideals that we hold so close that sometimes it blocks our view of the world. And those ideas aren’t limited to diet, though I am always surprised at how much they touch the researchers’ and doctors’ minds in the books and research papers I have read.

As with everything in life though, I am bound by the walls that I have built. And in this venue, I must contend with diet, health, the food we eat and/or are marketed and sold, as well as the run-ins with doctors, dieticians, and all the trappings of a genetic predisposition that serves as nothing more than a statistical norm for pharmaceutical companies to hawk their wares[1].

I’m sorry, that sounded conspiratorial. But it’s true. My inability to word it sanely does not retract from that fact. My inane sounding accusation only reflects my lack of understanding of the true underpinnings of the… problem. It is only convenient that the powers-that-be have had 40 years to figure it out… and are still clueless.

But philosophy, I get. History, I know. And that is the angle that I approach most everything… fault or not.

Here is a journal entry from earlier this year that is a decent lead in to what I want to discuss today:

We have been slipped a Mickey…

I was pondering today what the best way to approach my quest to change attitudes about food. And for some reason, my mind wandered to mythology. If you want to understand a society and its values, look to its myths. Their myths will show patterns. A society’s myths will show their values. They will show their prejudice and bias. And they will show their fears.

If you want to change society… then start by changing their mythology.

This is what Disney did. He took our old European, Western Civilization, Mythology and changed the endings. Changed the human being into a hero. And changed the natural order into evil. I wish I could say he was empowering us. But I cannot. I tried that argument on myself and lost…

Who is the villain in virtually EVERY Disney movie? A woman with power.

Who is the savior in virtually EVERY Disney movie? A handsome prince (not King, mind you) with potential power who gains power by defeating the woman with power.

He was shaping us. Forming us into his own image of how he viewed the world. And he cashed in. We fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Even the newer Disney shows and movies, with their ‘empowered’ female leads do not stand up to scrutiny. They lack something. They are still victims. They are still 2 dimensional.

Even Elsa in the adequate, but overly hyped movie Frozen is evil. Her power a threat and a potential for evil. It is almost like Disney is, from the grave, still trying to scare women into not having power. He is still showing the misogynistic attitudes of his era and tricking us into still believing in them.

And then there is Tomorrowland. What a load of crap.

Disney is long dead, but his agenda continues.

I know my potential and my abilities. I know what I can and cannot do. I will not wait around for some ethereal (but ultimately human fabricated), other-dimensional entity to drop a Tomorrowland hat pin on my doorstep to give me permission to do what I need to do.

Screw Disney.

It is time to make our own mythology again.

29 January 2016

This meandering journal entry leads to Questions…

My question then is this, if you are unhappy with the status quo… what are you doing to change it (however small)?

Will you wait for the Tomorrowland hatpin, or will you start now?

My challenge is this, if you are unhappy with the status quo… speak up. Let your voice be heard. Don’t let it be drowned out by those that can’t see past tomorrow.

One of my professors said very succinctly, “If you want to make an impression, try whispering it… somehow that sounds more menacing to kids.” (lol)

I am nearing the end of my journey with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). It is, after all, not my genetic predisposition. My cholesterol is fine.

Ironically though, it is only beginning for my husband and daughters. All I can do is show them the path that I have blazed for them, and hope that they see the wisdom of it. All I can hope is that the researchers and doctors will take it upon themselves to look for answers beyond a quick ‘pill’ fix. To find out what is happening in their physiology. To find out what in their diet and activities can help alleviate, or, yes, if they are young enough, to REVERSE the symptoms.

Please feel free to share any thoughts on your own journeys. As I have said before, I am forever awed by the similarity of stories to our own…

People I have met, they find themselves at the same crossroads, they have only traveled a different path. Perhaps you are one of them?

[1] 2012- FH is 1 in 500. 2014- FH is 1 in 300. 2015 – FH is 1 in 250. (None of the studies tested for the LDLR Receptor gene omission that has been shown by geneticists as a definitive marker of the existence of FH.)