Happy weekend all! Sorry, no bad drawings to share. I still have a few left, but they aren’t complete. I need to get to drawing again.

As a replacement, I offer the first in a series of REAL fortune cookie fortunes I have received over the years. YES I SAVE THEM… but it’s bad luck to throw them away. The GOOD ones, however, get a special place of honor – at the place I used to work, I taped them to my desk and inside random cabinet and drawer edgings. To this day, someone is re-discovering the slew of fortune cookie fortunes regarding work ethic and honesty. (I wish I could recall what they said exactly.)

Some taped ones are closer to home and remain a part of my laptop of old, forever a part of its’ Prefect (student monitor) history. The following was an ACTUAL fortune cookie fortune. I was at a very stressful, tense, work lunch at the nearby Chinese buffet restaurant. I was developing a case of indigestion due to the air of angst and subsurface bitterness between certain co-workers, and I literally burst out laughing when I read this one:


I was:  1) really wishing I’d brought my towel; and 2) whether the Vogon were really about to end this awkward meeting.

And, in case you were wondering, the sticker that says ‘prefect’ was from a sticker set I bought when I was homeschooling my daughter. It was supposed to say “perfect”. lol.