Restructuring has begun…

Step 1: Delete the book (Check) Sakes alive, do I feel better! *Phew*

Step 2: Change the title (Check) Good enough… still needs work.

Step 3: Delete some blogs that don’t apply

Step 4: Reconsider notifications and other WordPress options, for instance:

  • Likes. I appreciate LIKES, but often wonder if there is an option out there with paid WP accounts to go around and flag any posts that have certain tag criteria. Because, depending on the tag, I tend to get a lot of new “likes”, but not followers. And the sites that they are coming from are very, commercial.
  • Format. I like the current, clean, format. But should I pay to get rid of ads? This is not a money-maker for me. Don’t want it to be… and personally, have a philosophical issue with the ‘business model’ that WP pushes…

Step 5: What do I want the blog to be about?

That’s where I’m at ya’ll.

I’d like your input on the LIKES option and the Ad Remove options…

Also, what were your favorite blogs and/or blog subjects? (Not all of you have the ‘like’ option on your WP version, I know, so let me know!)