As I work my way into a subject matter for this blog, I am going to post varying topics for your perusal, and approval. I will judge it by responses… but suffice as to say, these will all be subjects near and dear to me… Consider it like testing whether spaghetti is al dente: You take a strand out of the pan and toss it at the wall, if it sticks, it’s good.


For the first toss, today, I was doing research for a project and came across what seemed to be a Research Article on ProQuest. I am doing autism research, so the abstract caught my eye:

“In the case of vaccines, for example, the Centers for Disease Control, in testimony before a congressional hearing on rising rates of autism, confirmed that it had never compared the health of vaccinated children to that of unvaccinated children.”

It garnered an “hmm” and a flag to read later. Later happened… and the “hmm” quickly turned into a “what the hell?”

The full text is from an article in the National Post[1], which, after a quick search, I discovered was a conservative Canadian newspaper. After overcoming the initial shock that there were indeed conservative Canadians, I was able to go back and continue my re-read.

Taking into account that the tirade regarding “government directed medical-research” is solely a Canadian issue, I skipped along through the text to what applied internationally. And then I got to the feminism tirade. And actually did a quick search to find out if Peter Thiel[2] was a contributing author (or contributor to the National Post). The author actually, erroneously, links breast cancer rates to abortion rates. Correlation, is NOT causation dear… there are far more factors involved in those issues than a man would ever be able to comprehend without a degree in Women’s Studies (and being a woman for a while, biological processes and ALL).

The disturbing aspect, beyond the blatant sexism? The fact that I actually agree with the remainder of the article regarding social and politically driven research bias. And that the government should never ever impose health care requirements on individuals. The conflicts of interests that they speak of are real. The conservatives, as always, have a thread of truth leading them… it just gets woven in with all the weaknesses of their character and the information is presented in such a way as to speak to the darker part of our psyches.

Thoughts are welcome. Conservative Canadians? My God, is no country safe?

[1] “Too Hot To Research”, by L. Solomon (2016, Sep 09)

[2] He gave a deplorable speech circa 2009 regarding how women’s suffrage was the “worst thing to ever happen to capitalism”.