Tonight is hopefully the FINAL installment in the Presidential Debates for this strenuous and pretentious election year. I feel as if I need to perform some ward against the evil eye once it is complete… but as the good book says, “this too shall pass”.

Usually, I lead the charge on “let’s watch the debates” in my house. Not this year. My husband, and even my daughters, have insisted on watching them. Under duress, I agreed to let my daughters watch about 5 minutes of the last debate if they repeated after me, “This is NOT a real debate” three times each.

Tonight, inevitably, my husband will say those dreaded four words.

My response? I will only watch the Debate Presidential on Telemundo.


Do I hablo? Un poco. Enough to know when I am being offended. Which pretty much sums up the entire political process for this election year.