Hello all! Welcome all my new followers! I look forward to talking to everyone and visiting your blogsites as well!

If you saw the previous post Restructuring Alert!, then you know that I have been in the midst of some changes. I dumped my book Canary in the Coalmine from the blog site. If you are interested in what it was about, please see the first blog How I used the FDA and USDA recommendations to control and alter FH diagnosed cholesterol.. Please ignore the vitriol and belligerence. I was a wee bit upset. If you follow along throughout the blogs that follow, you will get an idea of why.

I am settling into a format for the blog. I have decided against anything strict, and instead have been visiting your sites for ideas. 😉

Here’s my new schedule:

Sunday – Sunday Dinner: A dinner (not always on Sunday) that is new to us, or a favorite, that hopefully will garner debate, questions, and support eating fresh healthy foods. Plus, I enjoy cooking. So it’s fun to share!

Monday – No blog posts… but I will be catching up with yours from the weekend if I missed it!

Tuesday – Debate Tuesday: I will post an article, a question, a reblog… whatever is relevant or speaks to me that week.

Wednesday – Whatever Wednesday: Quotes, reblogs, basically inspiration to make it through the remainder of the week.

Thursday – No blog posts… but I will be catching up with yours from the week if I missed it!

Friday – Free Writing Friday: Essays, prose, poetry, I have a large pool to pull from… who knows what it will be? Some may be reposts from my internet past, I will let you know the history as I post.

Saturday – Weekend Funnies: Because sometimes, only a badly drawn comic or a witty fortune cookie writer can say what needs to be said.

I hope that you all will check in each week and see what’s going on! I look forward to getting to know you all!

Cheers! 🙂