I have a growing list of books suggested to me by friends, acquaintances, professors, and fellow bloggers. For this week’s Whatever Wednesday, I would like to share a book suggested by one of my favorite blogs, Small Pond Science. Please, if you have the time, check them out at https://smallpondscience.com/.

A few months ago, Terry suggested a book by Chuck Klosterman called But What If We’re Wrong?. I received it in the mail a few days ago. Pictured here with it, serving as a temporary bookmark, is the book Uniquely Human, by Barry M. Prizant, PhD, also on my To Read List:


Beyond my initial displeasure regarding the printing decision… Yes, I admit that I turned the book over and around 4 times before realizing that the cover had purposefully been printed upside-down… Mr. Klosterman is, as the old saying goes, a man after my own heart. He poses the questions that I tend to ask, to the annoyance of those around me. And I secretly want him to read Chapter 16 from my book Canary in the Coalmine called “Non Sequitur” and get his thoughts on the matter. (If you didn’t get to read it, and are interested, shout out and I will post it for Free-Writing Friday.)

I just started reading it yesterday and am already on Chapter 3. He is, inadvertently helping me refine my thoughts on what we consider the “Truth”. I have come to believe that many things called The Truth, are really just opinions ruled by bias… but I digress.

I will follow up later with thoughts on the book, should they seem relevant to current discussions.

What books are you reading? What books are on your To Read List?