I could use the excuse of the election results.

I could use the excuse of an allergy attack and the medicine that subsequently turns me into a zombie.

But really, there is no justification for my EPIC fail this Sunday.

I have NOTHING to post.

At my favorite whole foods distributor, the organic beets said a comforting “woo hoo!” to me as I passed by…

I thought, “Yes. This is the week. This is the time that I, TC, will prepare and cook fresh beets.”

I am no Spartacus it seems.

I am merely that creepy guy that led to the downfall of the 300 Spartans. The turncoat. The lame-o.

The beets, they still sit in my crisper, mocking me….

Do I make Borscht? Ick.

Do I do roast beets? Meh.

Do I do a shredded, boiled beet, salad? What?

I do know that I can cut up and cook the greens, which sounds super yummy, but….

I will update you next week on the beets, yes, even if they sit in the crisper until they are not-so-crisp.

Until then, please, as always, be brave in the kitchen. Try some fruit or vegetable that you have never tried before…

And if you have a good use for beets. For the love of God. Please Help!