I am tired of having the same conversations over and over. So, I am going to post, for the record, and for posterity, what I think about the events of the past 18 months that led up to the presidential debacle that we are now faced with. No one will read it anyway…

Trump IS the old world white, male, racist, sexist pig establishment incarnate.

Trump IS a threat to my livelihood and future success as a woman in a (still) patriarchal society.

Trump IS a threat to my daughters’ future as well.

The Fact is… Rhetoric is a lost art.

Language is an uncommon denominator in our society.

We never can seem to come to an agreement, because we are being swayed, marketed, and told what we should think on a daily basis.

The Fact is… Our culture is materialistic.

So materialistic in fact that INFORMATION is the newest, hottest, commodity.

Take WikiLeaks for instance… they provide lots of interesting information and data. No one seems to care why, because information is the new shiny thing. But, information is only as good as the context in which it occurs. I will allow that whoever created that platform had noble endeavors, but now, they are nothing more than another puppet in the game for world domination. Welcome to the fray boys.

My point is this… We receive data, information, on multiple media platforms, all day long.

No one ponders WHY they are seeing it now.

No one considers if they have the time to review it, let alone comprehend it.

I mean, if the IRS dumped all the data for tax returns in the last 50 years on us… how many of us would be able to read and understand it all besides tax attorneys and CPAs? Who would even WANT to except criminals?

Every time I try to discuss Trump with people I get bombarded with information.

Lots of it.

These ‘facticians’, we shall call them, none of these people hold a history degree. None of them even profess to be armchair historians. How do they know how to put this information in context?

Because of the spoon-fed data that people are getting, we have been forced into a tit-for-tat “I know you are, but what am I?” debate for the past year. Trump is openly sexist, bigoted, racist, homophobic, the list is long… whenever someone points it out, the opposition quickly responds with a RED HERRING, redirected accusation that either says, “well, THEY do it TOO!” or more often is “well, they did something TOO!”

The FACT is… that I could pick apart every single one of the arguments against Clinton merely by offering perspective and context.

The fact is… that Clinton (and everyone else) wasted their time trying to do just that.

This is how it SHOULD have gone…

“Trump was a slum lord, and he bragged about making lots of money from the housing bust where many people lost their homes. Is this the kind of president you want?”

“Oh yeah, well, Clinton needs to be in JAIL.”

  • First response: “Thank you for agreeing with me that Trump is a slum lord and gloating jerk.”
  • First question: “What president, in our history, behaved so badly in public? This is the face that you want to present to the world? This is the demeanor that you want as commander-in-chief of our military forces?”
  • Second question: “As far as jail, I don’t know who made you judge, jury, and executioner, but Clinton, as a US Citizen, does she have the right to due process under the constitution, if she is accused of a crime?”

Look… here are the FACTS we can agree on:

This is a divided country (and world). Conservative v. Liberal. Who cares why…

One of Trump’s most prolific supporters was some girl on FB that regularly and avidly posted hateful messages for the last 2 years. She was raised Christian.

The KKK marched in support of him. He never once denounced them. They are a group built out of hate. Built up on a platform of shame after the civil war.

Trump supporters THREATENED VIOLENCE if he lost!!!!!

SINCE WHEN WAS HE THE BETTER CHOICE? There were THREE OTHER OPTIONS ON THAT BALLOT!!!! Besides, you didn’t have to choose him to represent you in the FIRST PLACE.

The truth is that Trump is a bully. He is a bad example. The day after the election, Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, were afraid to go out of the house. A girl in my daughter’s school district had someone rip her headscarf off at school. Now Muslim parents in the area are telling their daughters not to wear them… not to be proud of their religion and heritage…

Is this the world YOU want?

There is no light with which to shine on Mr. Trump to alter HIS facts.

Trump IS the old world white, male, racist, sexist pig establishment incarnate.

Trump IS representing the financial sector, specifically the housing and mortgage finance market. While he kept us busy with “Hillary for Jail” chants, he was planning to take over the sector that he made his fortune in, and that has been under tight federal control since the 2008 recession hit. I am sure we will find out what his other, real, hidden agendas were in the coming months.

As far as the public outcry against him…

The FACT is…. that 47% of the country, representing only 25% of the voting pool, meant that 53% of the remaining voters DID NOT vote for him.

The FACT is… that The Reason he IS president has nothing to do with anything… He was elected simply because of a flaw in the system… There were checks and balances put in place to protect us from a ‘tyranny of the majority’. If you don’t know what that is, please read some of James Madison’s thoughts on it.

Mr. Trump, well, he figured out how to trick the system. Whether on purpose or by accident, those checks and balances are why we are even having this discussion.

Trump chose Hate as his platform.

Why? Because Hate is the only minority left in this country without a voice.

Thank you for reading this… I wish everyone the best. Please, be kind to those that don’t live the lifestyle, follow the religion, or believe the same thing that you do.

We have to fight him every step of the way.

We also need to learn how to filter and comprehend the information we are bombarded with daily.