I know, I know… I already posted today. But I was going through my back-up files and found this little treat. It was only my second attempt at a comic strip.

The history of this comic is I LOVE PLANKTON, he is my favorite SpongeBob character. Besides the Irish Guy in The IT Crowd… Plankton is the balance to my fandom alter-egos, (one part of me must secretly want to rule the world, the other part is probably completely annoyed that the world exists…”did you turn it off and on again?”… hey, balance! hehe)

Anyways… I am totally in trouble for using copyrighted material… but since there is no money involved in this transaction – perhaps we can call it ‘for educational purposes’? Enjoy! 🙂

Here’s the ‘clickable’ link for the story: Astronauts Find Living Organisms Outside Space Station