To Blog, or Not to Blog… in at least 500 words… (no promises).

Okay people. There are some crazy weird blogs out there. Whatever you do, DO NOT read this blog….

There is a monster at the end of it!

If you survive the monster, though, I have a fun question to ask. Here goes nothing…

I am, due to relentless experience and exposure to reality and human nature, not a very trusting soul. Life is an ultimately fatal endeavor, and only the crazy ones seem to be the most successful at it.

The internet, while fun, has always been kind of like going swimming at night by starlight. I will casually wander around and dangle my feet in the water, but it is rare that something gets me to dive in head-first. (I think a zombie chasing me might work… or a surprise election result… but I digress…)

Because of this, I am fairly cautious and aware. I KNOW that every time I post a blog or comment, or visit a website, or even type something in Google, I may as well be read my Miranda Rights by the internet police. Only the crazies regularly bathe in the internet waters without regard to what is around them, or what they are putting into it.

If you are a follower from early on, then you know that I used to have a blog from around 2006 to 2010. While it was a great time, and I met some pretty cool people, I am pretty sure that at least 2 bloggers that I followed, and who followed me back in the day, might have, possibly could have been part of some weird fundamentalist Islamic propaganda scheme (aka the T word). But, nonetheless, I allowed them to remain in my group… the worst that they ever did was try to convert people to Islam… or complain about American interventionism… (Knowing my middle-eastern history, I fundamentally agreed with their complaint…)… oh wait… maybe they were part of an NsA or cIA plot to lure in unsuspecting fundamentalist Islamic extremists? Hehe.

Hopefully, you are beginning to understand the direction of my ramblings.

Weird is weird. Suspect is suspect. But as long as a follower isn’t bat-shit crazy and verbally assaulting my guests, I was always willing to suffer a weird comment here and there…

Except, nowadays, no one really comments anymore. Most blogs are fairly one-sided… and I have found that mine often mirror that tone by default…

So I am left to wonder…

My daughters’ tick image from her father’s day “Tick vs. Conan” comic book.

Do I suspect some of you aren’t on the up-and-up, well… Maybe...

I definitely have a mental list of who is Normal… but, then I have the short list of followers (that I follow) that is the virtual equivalent of holding out a sock at arm’s length because you are not quite sure where it has been…

I even have a list of new followers that I haven’t followed because I haven’t quite figured out their purpose on the internet, or it just looks too good to be true… or my gut says “hold on there…”

With that being said, in a post-truth, fake-news, fake-blog age… I am even more on edge than ever.

And I want to tell all the people in my internet pool… warn them that we may have been infiltrated.

But then… if I do that, the internet is officially no longer fun. Blogging loses its’ credibility, suffering the same fate as journalism… it’s no longer about sharing and making connections outside our comfort zone, it’s about ad-clicks and advert money, and for the government and police – the dreaded *dun-dun-duuhn…* – entrapment.

Even the concept of ‘likes’ makes me suspiciously confused. I mean, I know why I ‘like’ things… but haven’t quite figured out why everyone else does (or doesn’t) ‘like’ something. (i.e. Are they just liking mine so I will go to their site and like something of theirs?) It feels like junior high school all over again. And I don’t ‘like’ it.

Another blogger I follow is saying to disappear into the DarkNet.

I haven’t decided which list they are on yet. I don’t dis-‘like’ them. But… (I secretly love them…)


I’m sorry… There’s laughing in my head now… I have hesitated to tell them, but, people, I am no computer guru, however, Computer Science WAS my major for 2 years…

FOR THE OFFICIAL RECORD, Nothing online is Safe.


Go onto the DarkNet and you may as well put on a bright red-orange t-shirt with a large target symbol on it… Or this:

Dude, there are groups of people hanging out waiting for someone to step in. That pool is way darker than the internet. I ain’t stepping a toe in that. No telling what the heck you will find, or what will find you… *ick* And there isn’t even any starlight to reflect off of the water… all you will hear is a slight ripple of the surface before you get gobbled up… never to be seen again.

Apologies my crickets…

I went over my 500 word limit, but if you are still reading, please feel free to comment and share your experiences. Here’s a question to get you started:

What was the weirdest follower or ‘liker’ that you got on a blog or comment?