Many of you may have already heard about this petition, but just in case you haven’t… there’s still time. Oh! And be sure to share it… PASS IT ON!

The recounts may yet yield information regarding the electoral college upset, but regardless, our system was put in place with certain checks and balances to avoid a dictatorship… let’s use them.

Please watch the video below and, if you are a U.S. Citizen (wherever you live) go to to sign the petition to ask the electoral college to vote their conscience and give the presidency to the one that won the popular vote by a percentage never seen before in history. (Last count, she was over 48% to Mr. Trump’s 46% with more than 2 million more votes…)

Regardless if you like Hillary Clinton or not… the past few weeks have shown how much Donald Trump, not only does not understand or respect protocol and diplomacy, but how he disregards the fact that he has NOT been sworn in as president, yet. He is making statements and accusations, and, well, just watch the news. He’s acting like he already is sitting in the oval office, and the official counts are not completed, let alone that the electoral college voters have not cast their ballots yet.

No president elect in history has behaved the way that he does… and if you are the minority of this country, the 25% of American voters that actually voted for him, and consider his ‘rhetoric’ refreshing… he does not represent you. Please, do some (non-blog or Facebook) research on his previous business dealings. He’s a con-man and a charlatan. Wake up. Make it right. Sign the petition.

Let’s remind him how the checks and balances of our political system work.