Though unprecedented, there is a path set out by our forefathers to avoid an unfit leader. That path was set because they considered that it ‘might’ just be possible for someone to lie, cheat, steal to get into office. I know that I am shouting from a very distant corner of the internet, as I just do not have the followers… but to those that do… please share the link. For those in the states listed where the electoral voters are free to vote as they choose… please show support for them on December 19th. Some sign ‘agreements’ where they can be sued if they don’t vote their party-line. However, it has happened in the past… and no electoral voter has ever been charged. (see Still, let’s show our support for them. This is a tough decision. But it is the right thing to do… If it doesn’t work… well, at least we tried. If it does though… the irony, the beautiful, wonderful, irony.

Canary in the coalmine

Writing Wrongs

Did you know that the phrase, “there’s a sucker born every minute” was never officially attributed to P.T. Barnum?

However, ask any person on the street and 9 times out of 10, they will attribute that saying to Mr. Barnum. Myself included. (Hey, it’s a great quote, no matter who actually said it.)

Is it possible? Is this the First example of a post-truth in the pre-millennium?

Early on, during the primaries, Trump was compared to Mr. Barnum as a ‘showman’, a populist, opportunist, et al… Yet, there is no real comparison beyond the fact that both men were in entertainment. It is not fair to the memory of Mr. Barnum* (P.T. Barnum was far kinder and more personable) to compare them. Even still, I ponder whether, during his lifetime, P.T. Barnum would have ever been a viable or even successful political candidate for president, let alone considered it as an option.

For the next seven…

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