Come on!

I am not a salesperson. I have known that for, well, years, ever since I was in retail sales and failed miserably at talking someone into a sweater that was pricey, but looked hideous on them.

Now, I find myself in the position of justifying signing the petition at for the electoral college to vote against Trump. Not that I have been going door-to-door, but I have mentioned, to whoever and whenever possible about the petition. And here’s some of the responses:

  • Oh well, I didn’t vote for her. Why should I care?
  • Why bother?
  • It won’t do any good anyway.
  • That’s nice.

I have seen articles that say that the electoral college:

  • won’t vote against Trump
  • can’t vote against Trump
  • basically… they act like it is a joke. And it’s cute, but won’t work.

Why I’m not listening to them:

  • The number of electoral voters that said that they won’t and/or have asked for more info to help make the decision. (um… why would they do that, if they didn’t have a ‘choice’?)
  • The offenses committed, just since being elected now cover all 3 of the stipulations set forth by the founding fathers regarding what was deemed unfit. (i.e. monetary/social foreign interests, dishonesty, evidence of corruption – TrumpU?!)
  • Whether you voted for her or not… DO YOU REALLY WANT HIM AS A PRESIDENT?*(see below)

The only one I would add, just to keep this short is for those that voted for Trump:

  • He has lied, told mistruths, exaggerated, and deceived on multiple subjects and has flipped and flopped on every single campaign ‘promise’ to date… most noteably the one that you loved ‘so much’: “Lock her up!” Guess what… he can’t and he won’t… because she did not commit any crimes!*(see below)

Geez… Okay… I think I feel better. Thanks for listening.

As always: CLICK THE LINK and pass it on…

*if you say ’email’ I will throw a virtual glass in your direction. For the last time… THERE WAS NOTHING THERE!