I have reposted my old post-election day rants (you can find them in the search menu: “Trump“). As well as one that I was unsure about posting, as it is very personal… but I think it is time for all of us to say what we think, and how a Trump presidency will affect us, individually.

I am not okay with at least one of the electoral voter’s reassurance that ‘we will be fine’. I live in Kentucky… and the word ‘fine’ has a sliding scale meaning.

The other change of heart is that I want to ask those that supported Trump during the election, “How do you feel about Trump’s admissions of lying to get your vote?”

I sincerely want to know what Trump supporters think now in light of his picks for cabinet members.

I sincerely want to know what Trump supporters think of his statements to only support people that tell him what he wants to hear. Even if it’s the wrong thing.

I sincerely want to know how they justify continued support for someone that admittedly doesn’t need their vote anymore.

Please, if you are/were a Trump supporter… provide some input.

Look, I grew up conservative, Christian, Republican. For those with little experience in this demographic: These are good, honest, hard-working people. They are in many ways, despite my political ideological changes over the years, my people. I share their family values, their work ethic, and their faith. All of my political ideologies (i.e. gay marriage) are based solidly in those shared conservative (family) worldviews.

That being said, I truly want to understand why, with the electoral votes coming up, those that have felt the burn of Trump’s post-election words and deeds, aren’t contacting their Governors, House and Senate Representatives, and State Electoral Voters to tell them to stop this…

Yes. You don’t like Clinton. And honestly, I’m not that fond of her myself, though I am thankful for her public service and devotion to the human rights movement over the years… Still, if it makes you feel any better, I don’t know if I would ‘support’ her in an election again.

The reality is, we the people cannot abide a dictator and charlatan as president, no matter what ‘tradition’ or ‘rubber stamp’ we are up against.

The founding fathers left us a path… let’s use it:

Tell the Electoral College, now is the time for Civil Disobedience.