NOTE: I am still getting back in the swing of this blog thing since going all political last week. Thank you for your patience and for those that took the time to read and/or like. This is a re-post from earlier this year… and though this is not a dinner, it gives you some insight into how my brain works in figuring out ‘healthy’ dinners and, this once, lunches.

Since beginning our journey, I have struggled with the problem of leftover produce.

It pains me, physically, to throw away ruined veggies and fruits. The pain has been productive though, because it forced me to pause and ask, “Is this really ruined?”

It also forced me to pay attention and to become creative about what I found in the vegetable bin on a daily basis.

The Ruined Vegetable Conundrum…

In a long-forgotten article I read at some point in the process, I came across a little trick with fresh veggies that look ‘limp’ and otherwise compromised:

  • Fill a large bowl with water and ice cubes. Place the offending vegetables in the water for 5-10 minutes to soak. Remove, rinse off, chop up and enjoy.

So far, this method has worked on kale, lettuce, celery, and somewhat on carrots (some could not be rescued).

If it the vegetable doesn’t survive this method… most likely it is a goner…


The other thing to realize is that it’s okay to leave perceived marks or ‘mars’ on the vegetables… especially the organic stuff. And cut off any part that looks questionable. (Basically, stop being so picky about how ‘perfect’ it looks…)

Leftovers in the Vegetable Bin…

Today, at lunchtime, when I found myself agonizing over the 1 cup of raw cube-chopped sweet potato and few sprigs of raw kale overages from sweet potato jambalaya and beans and greens dinners (respectively); my brain started to concoct schemes and scenarios…

And thus, sautéed sweet potato and kale al dente, seared in olive oil and seasoned with basil, cilantro, and sea salt, entered the world:



Welcome to the menu!

By the way… It was delicious… with a quarter of whole wheat lavash, of course!