The things I do for democracy.

I am logging this for posterity, as I figure that this was only the first of many political rallies I will be attending in the next few years.

It was my first one. I had no delusions that my state electors would vote against their party candidate. They are quite happy and comfortable, and have nothing to lose in the exchange. Regardless, I felt that being there was important. I felt it was my way of saying something, anything, is better than nothing at this point. Like when I turned the flag upside down the day after election day. I had to say with actions, words, and a sign, that this is wrong.

My husband’s coworker huffed and said, “Well, she’s wasting her time.”

To that response, and to all those that didn’t show up in the freezing cold (or at the polling booths in November)… I say:

  • It was my time. Whether I waste it or not, is none of your business.
  • There are a series of instances throughout world history, where people were either too comfortable or too scared to speak up, to do the right thing. Much evil has been wrought when good people do nothing.
  • I was there, on the off-chance that even 1 elector was having doubts. I wanted to make sure that I was a part of the group that stood by them.

Now that it is over, I am fighting off a head cold, and trying to make a running list of survival techniques for political rallies in the freezing cold. Here’s what we learned:

  • Plan ahead, make the signs the night before.
  • Hand warmers can go in your boots, pockets, and gloves.
  • Take a thermos of coffee
  • Take a blanket to sit on

Here’s a few pics, and if you attended a December 19th rally in your state, please share your page with me!

img_0802 img_0803 img_0804