Okay, I’m cleaning out my email and had an email from MoveOn.org. It appears that via Fox news (big surprise) Trump has been lambasting the social media sites for inciting “harassment” by organizing rallies and protests to kick him out.

I want to refer back to my blog yesterday, regarding this perceived harassment, and express to you factually, how the protest went.

  • There were at least 90 people there. Although, some came and went to warm up every 20 to 30 minutes or so…
  • We had to go into the Capitol to use the restrooms and/or warm up. The guards were very cordial, as were the 2 sheriff’s deputies we passed as we left. They said, “Keep warm out there ladies.” I said, “Thank you sir, we’ll try.” And we traded nods and smiles.
  • 2 or 3 people showed up to protest Clinton, or to protest the Protest, I’m not sure.
    • No one engaged, in fact, one of the people and I exchanged smiles and nods as we passed one another on the steps of the capitol.
  • The Electors offered for 20 of us to attend the ceremony/signing and ballot event.20 were indeed chosen and were allowed to attend.
  • No one yelled, in fact, unless being interviewed, no one said anything. We stood there, silently holding our signs, in the freezing cold, using our constitutionally provided freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Now, at this point, it is so easy to fall back onto, and follow along with Trump’s nasty rhetorical style. As my husband so aptly said, when I told him about the complaint, “His face is harassment.”

The reality is that Trump is a dictator, what in Hamilton’s time they only knew as a demagogue. Here’s a definition of “Demagogue” via Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: 1demagogue
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek
Date: 1648

1 : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power 2 : a leader championing the cause of the common people in ancient times

Interesting that in the 2nd definition, it says “common people” in “ancient times”… because that was the time, before the information age, when people had no choice but believe whatever someone told them.

For the love of God and all things good left in this world. RNC, the Republican Party…. The Democrats… SOMEONE save us from this jerk.

To those Trump supporters that, for whatever the hell reason, still justify your choice… WAKE UP. It will be only a matter of time… and he will be affecting your freedom of speech too… In less than a year, you will all be eating your little red trucker hats, if you don’t FIX this now!

He should have been disqualified as a candidate back in March! Or even earlier. He is a walking, talking, modern-day Stalin, with the social appeal of Hitler.

What the hell people! Shame on you for voting for him!

AND for fun… here’s the rant that was deleted. lol. Sometimes, I just don’t have the heart to exorcise my darlings:

Someone FREAKING DISQAULIFY HIM… just pick 3 out of the multitude of political, religious, and social sins. His views are unconstitutional. If he thinks a group of people exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to peaceably assemble, and express their freedom of speech by not screaming fire in a crowded theater… then HE SHOULD SHUT DOWN HIS TWITTER FEED, and thus shut his mouth.

My family dates back to the French and Indian War in this country… WE SHOULD BE KICKING HIM OUT, he isn’t even 2nd generation American. What the hell.

GEEZ. Am I the only awake person in the room?

Okay… I feel better.