1/112th – the distance from the source*

Drops of sanity.

Opinions, the ‘real truth’, do they challenge us?

Do they open that temporary, silent door to another universe?

To another worldview that we would never have considered?

Growing up, we moved a lot, and books became my only constant friends. Their writers my guides. My mentors.

They didn’t preach. They merely guided me through the characters and the plot, but there were these drops; these bread crumbs that they left along the way.

Whether it was Piers Anthony’s, On a Pale Horse, Jules Verne’s Twenty-thousand Leagues under the Sea, or Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe… these, and many other authors gave me a momentary glimpse. They opened a doorway not into the world they were telling, but of a subtle truth that flowed through to this one… to my story.

So, when I think of the atheist’s soul, after committing suicide, crumbling to dust in Death’s intern’s hands… I have faith.

When I see the haunting image cast by Verne of the drowned mother grasping her child, tied to the sinking ship by a rope meant to save their lives, I want to rush to save them, but realizing I can’t… I question my ties to tradition.

When I felt my heart race as Rebecca stood on the edge of the parapet, ready to jump to her death rather than submit to Gilbert’s advances; and Gilbert, him showing, for even a single moment, a sense of fear and humanity… I understood that bravery and fear are the same thing, and often people we perceive as bad are just human beings hiding beneath a shell – A protective armor of pride and ego that is only strong because it feeds off of the weaknesses in others.

These stories and shared visions remind me daily that we are all on a journey. And we all have something to contribute to the conversation along the way.

Copyright© 2016 T. Riggs


*The blurred edges of a shadow, the width of the penumbra, if you divide it by the distance, are always, exactly, 1/112th the distance from the source.

Color and Light in Nature , 2nd Edition (2001) by David K. Lynch and William Livingston

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you celebrate this time of Year! Cheers! 🙂