Favorite Christmas Presents…

To begin the completion of my collection… I give you, The Man-Eating Cow…


Do not fear her. Only evil men should fear her wrath. For she only craves justice.


In light of Trump’s friend’s statements regarding Mad Cow disease… I think he should be careful not to invoke the anger of this mad, beautiful, bovine of justice.

Besides… she almost completes my collection:


Mind the Porkins to the right… he’s a statistical outlier… and a favorite Christmas present from 2014.

Post-Christmas – Contraband…

A million years ago, I was an Army recruit.

One day, just after boot camp and in the midst of AIT (job training), I was at the BX (the army retail store). I was in line getting my requisite shampoo, soap, and necessary items… and there, on the racks next to the magazines was a newly released cassette tape of Eric Clapton’s “Unplugged”. If there was an OMG back then… I would have uttered it. Instead, I took a deep intake of the humid late summer air and snatched it into the armload of necessaries.

Later, at the barracks, I slipped it into my headset, which was allowed… as I was required to listen to ‘study’ tapes for communications training. When they thought I was memorizing standard operating procedures, I was quietly jamming to that bluesy sound of Mr. Clapton.

It went well with the book of Byron’s poetry that I slipped in because it looked like a bible.

No wonder I was such a terrible soldier.

There was that time… when there was a ‘surprise inspection’… I’d had a 5 minute warning, and had wrapped it in plastic and buried it in the bottom of a box of clothing detergent. That was a long 15 minutes, and agonizing 20 seconds when the DS (Drill Sergeant) searched my closet. But, safe did Byron and Mr. Clapton remain, throughout my tenure.

Lately, I have had the urge to return to my musical roots. I was in search of Clapton, CCR, perhaps even some ELO.

So… Today, I made a journey to the local music shop and found a copy of “Unplugged” on CD. I sit here listening to it now.

Wow. How time passes, but stays the same.

Love that bluesy sound. Always will.

Also bought The Clash, and Cream. Figured I should get in the mood for next year. You know, post-war, post-hedonistic cultural experiment. The time when we get it right for once. At least for a little while.