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Where lay the blame for this ridiculous situation?

I was, admittedly, checked out for most of this past year, and even the previous year, as I was busy with classes, kids, house, you know – life. I accept my part of the blame. I should have been more aware, more able to dispute “crooked Hillary” claims… and I am ashamed that I chose silence against a bully.

When the unthinkable happened and I finally awoke, an unfit person had been elected into the highest office of the land.

I was shocked and appalled that anyone, anywhere, would think that a narcissistic bully was worthy enough to be president.

The following is the thought process involved, in order of occurrence as I used google and various news agencies to trace the root of the problem. (Apologies to those suffering… but Chronological thought processes are boring.)

Please at least skim through to the end… I do have a point.


The Future, do we have one?

The only hope now that the electoral college has failed to live up to its’ requirements, per Hamilton, would be for the Republican led House and Senate to see fit to disqualify him… but that will only lead to a Mike Pence presidency. And, honestly, that guy is just as scary, if not more so… Trump is the Hitler in the equation. Pence? He’s more the Stalin. I’d honestly rather have Kasich. Yes, he’s still German, but he isn’t tainted by Trump’s behavior or election tactics.

Even the fact that at least one Republican has stated that Trump will likely be disqualified and impeached before the first year is up only leads to the same conclusion – Pence.

Personally, I almost prefer the belled cat to the one that will sneak up on you…


Let’s consider the historical perspective The Alt-Right and the Post WWI Germans:

Post World War I (WWI) Germany found itself in a similar set of circumstances as the newly inspired and motivated Alt-Right Trump supporters have, well, since The Civil War and later, The Civil Rights Movement, oh wait, let’s not forget the gay rights movement and legal protection of and allowance for ‘gay marriage’. And then there was that Climate Change and evolution debate… again… anyway.

Back in Post WWI Europe, The Germans were under heavy sanctions after attempting to seize part of the ancestral Rhineland from France. The economy strained, the people had become destitute, exiled from the European community, and bitter. It only took 20 years for the fervor to build that would lay the path for Hitler to gain power. First he attempted a coup (which failed) and later, obtained power, legally, through the democratic process.

The only blessing in our system? It’s taken 60 years, not 20. By the way, that would have made Trump 10 years old, and well entrenched in the belief systems of the pre-Civil Rights era.

The Germans, the outcast minority in a majority of liberal-minded Europeans were desperate to regain some semblance of justice, respect, and pride.

That is what Hitler offered them.

And they elected him to office.

Yes. Elected him – with fanfare. He was Chancellor of Germany from 1934 to 1945.*see

His next step was to kill everyone in power that might oppose him. I find it ironic that the alt-right and KKK called it the ‘night of long knives’ when their social media was shut down earlier this year. It was Hitler, their icon, who was the one that ordered his SS soldiers to kill all of his opposition soon after gaining power, and thus created the saying.

Perhaps, Mr. Trump won’t use knives? It will be via twitter feed and false claims about opponents to his proposed policies? I mean, he’s already got a thirsty and eager main-stream-media and alt-right following for his insane rants. The same people that threatened and reported threatened violence and revolution if he lost the election and that troll anyone and report trolling of anyone that goes against him, threatening violence, well, it’s all there, in place, and ready.

Search Google: Here’s another saying Hitler is known for:

“Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.” Adolf Hitler

*Read more at:

So, Hitler mistrusted liberalism? Hmm…

So do many of the Conservative, Republican Party members.

And FoxNews.

Why do you (the reader) think, that they believe liberalism is evil?

The answer is, liberalism isn’t evil. But, the end result of liberal studies: critical thinking, is a dangerous skill for individuals to have – especially for those that want absolute power… because those in power cannot truly control a population that can think for itself.

The next part of the discussion is a perspective, my perspective. Please note the following as you read:

A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE IS NOT A LIE… most things in life are not black, white; wrong or right… and in fact, if someone tells you their perspective on an issue is the absolute truth… well, they are lying and trying to prevent you from looking at the instance as a whole. And many times, they are playing with semantics and multiple meanings of words to sway your opinion. Get the WHOLE story. Get the indisputable FACTS. Then decide.


Look… Forget everything that you have been told about a Liberal Education. And forget that the word “liberal” applies to one side of a right versus left social argument that found refuge in the Democratic Party.

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, Liberal Education is not where ‘liberals’ go to learn to be ‘liberals’. In fact, based on many of the ‘left-wing liberal’ arguments I have heard, I suspect that many liberals, like conservatives, have not benefited from a true ‘liberal’ education.

I will leave out the history of why liberal arts began to be frowned upon in U.S. education, and explain it simply from the perspective of someone who has benefited from learning it.

Yes, it’s true: Liberal arts doesn’t teach tangible skills that transfer directly to the workforce. But…


First, understand what is true… the opponents to liberal studies (you know, Peter Thiel, the XKCD guy, conservatives…) are right about one observation that is lodged as a complaint: liberal studies does not actually teach students anything in particular. Well, not anything that you have to use rote memorization, or fill in a multiple choice checkbox, or push a button, dig a ditch, or build roadways…

Liberal education focuses on history, sciences, sociology, logic, and rhetoric. It gives the student the context in which Western Civilizations’ laws and ideas came to fruition. It explains where, how, and who those ideas came from, and it teaches students the techniques used by those people.

Logic and rhetoric, developed in Greece over 2500 years ago helps students understand the thinking process, proven over and again innately determined as a set series of processes (at least in Western culture).

This knowledge has the added benefit of teaching people how to avoid traps and pitfalls that lead to disagreements and misunderstandings.

It also teaches students to recognize the nuances and subtle meanings of language to help determine when they are being emotionally swayed, distracted, being told an incomplete truth, or out-right being lied to.

Are those important skills?

Now back to the historical perspective:

When Hitler came to power, the totalitarian, fascist, dictatorship governing system swept through Europe, and out into Russia. In fact, more than a few professors, teachers, doctors, and lawyers were murdered, incarcerated, or found themselves residents of concentration camps regardless of the fact that they weren’t Jewish. Why? Because people that could think for themselves were dangerous to Hitler’s cause.

Russia’s experience, that other dictator guy:

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Russians were still reeling from a revolution of their own. In the chaos that resulted from the expulsion (and murder) of the Tsar and his family, a leader came along that, with an iron fist, ruled a totalitarian regime.

His name was Joseph Stalin.

Here is one of Stalin’s thoughts on, well, thinking:

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” Joseph Stalin

*Read more at:

So, if you won’t part with your guns… I suppose you should just forget about having any original ideas like voting, freedom of speech or assembly, or any of the other democratic ideals that help you determine who decides your fate. It will only be a matter of time… because, Stalin is also quoted as saying:

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin

*Read more at:

Scared yet? Every time I heard Trump speak, I heard only a dictator and fascist. Why? Well, wasn’t Trump tricked into retweeting a Mussolini quote? How? Because they have the same personality, agenda, and value system.

Now, let us discuss the harsh, inflammatory rhetoric and out-right lies.

Trump has admitted, in his own words, on record that he lied to get votes. He has been observed via multiple media outlets to regularly and 79% of the time, willingly and purposely spout falsehoods.

Why doesn’t anyone care? Why has no one called him out on it?

In my search to understand what happened while I was in the midst of spring, summer, and later, fall classes, I went to Google to find articles on the subject.


What the heck? Where was this news when we needed it?

Neal Gabler, a contributor to has a slew of them.

Where the hell was he in the main-stream-media in the midst of this insanity and why the hell does the site look like a fake news site? (It isn’t, by the way… I checked his sources.)

Here’s a sample:

The, “Why don’t they care he lied?” question was asked back on May 13, 2016:

It was followed up with this story on June 3, 2016, asking why the hate for Hillary Clinton:

Only to revisit the subject of Clinton’s unpopularity here:

The series dead-ends (for now) on December 8, 2016 with this article about the Republican Party and the media’s culpability (blame) in the equation that yielded a Trump presidency:

The gist of the final article? Ayn Rand.

Yes, of Atlas Shrugged fame. A terribly long, and boring book, full of platitudes and generalizations, smothered with a thick layer of elitist snobbery.

Haven’t read it? Have at it. I’ve read the book(s) and suffered the terribly adapted movies. And interestingly enough, when I read the story the first time, I saw it as a dystopian fairy tale warning of the dangers of ignorance and complacency. Later, after seeing the movie and being completely confused by their translation of events, I went back and read it again… Evidently, I am doomed to be a strange, statistical outlier. Because, I still see her story as a warning and not as a model for governance.

According to Mr. Gabler, Ayn Rand and thus Gore Vidal are Paul Ryan’s, the Speaker of the House, inspiration and basis for his Republican and Conservatism ideals. Yet, he, Ryan, was not at all eager to endorse Mr. Trump’s bid for presidency.

I wonder, to this day, why he endorsed him, since Ryan was one of the few Republicans that I ever saw show any backbone throughout his tenure. What hold does Trump have on them? How is he able to get them to cow-tow, over and over? Per the article up there, is he threatening to shoot the Republicans’ cows?

The hint may in Mr. Gabler’s, and other similar, brief, articles.

Trump funneled lots of money into the Republican Party, and bragged about it in interviews, when he moved from being a democrat in the late 1990’s. In fact, prior to that, he was a contributor, and friend, to the Clintons and thus the Clinton Foundation of which he was so critical of during the debates. Maybe he found fresh meat in the Republican Party?

In the debates in 2015, he accused Jeb Bush of being a party crony accepting bribes, but Bush hit back with an accusation that he, Trump, was one of those people going around trying to bribe politicians (Bush refused).

I know.

It sounds a lot like an “I know you are, but what am I?” playground argument.

I was fooled at first, too… but I have loads of experience (to channel a Trumpism) with Bullies. I know their tactics. And all bullies know one innate, but unfortunate social maxim: the first story out is TRUE, everything else is a rebuttal.

For clarification: Another article claims that in a court deposition, Trump admitted to attempting to bribe Governor-elect Bush to allow gaming in Florida in a 2007 testimony:

As far as I can tell, it’s a legitimate article.

Starry Eyed Ryan:

As far as the Paul Ryan enigma… a recent speech he gave recently shed more light on his motivations for supporting Trump.

Prove me wrong, but I think Mr. Ryan has stars in his eyes… the kind that make a person hungry for annihilating the competition and bulldozing through the house and senate with their majority to forward conservative agendas. In addition, I think, I suspect, he just may be eyeing the oval office in years to come. And should Trump really screw up… he will be the first to lead the charge against him… the savior of the party.

In the meantime, Mr. Ryan, introduced to the world the “New Unified Republican Party”.


They weren’t so unified a few months ago. Early in the year, Republicans were burning their voter registration cards and posting it online in protest of a Trump candidacy.

The key is in the choice of “Unified” versus “United” though.

Think of the difference in terms like this:

  • “United we stand, divided we fall” (My state motto)

But, the word “unify” and thus “unified” denotes a flux, somewhat amorphous, preliminary state of being and thus has 2 possible connotations in the context of Ryan’s speech:

  • “Unified we group together, or else.” (A disguised threat to those that may question ‘unity’ under Trump’s reign.)
  • “Unified we group together, until he screws up. (A disguised statement, a plan of counteract.)

A note on online article fact-check sites… I have to warn that may have been infiltrated.

Be careful what you believe ANYONE has discredited.

Lack of evidence is not necessarily evidence. The logical infinite loop in proving a null hypotheses is an unfortunate side effect of the Fake News phenomena. If anyone quotes ‘no evidence’ rather than, “I have a copy of said issue, and it isn’t in there…” Take BOTH stories with a grain of salt… and look for other sources. And when all else fails, 86 (trash) the ‘news’ story all-together – remove it from your thinking process.

Trump and Hitler – different times… same tactics:

I will leave you with one final quote from Adolf Hitler that both summarizes and shines a light on Mr. Trump’s campaign tactic against “crooked Hillary” despite his lack of claims, let alone proof (his ‘opinion’ of events is NOT proof), as to why she was crooked, as well as his gathering of grievances and complaints against Muslims and illegal immigrants:

“The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.” Adolf Hitler

Read more at:


The real question is not what will happen next year – the results of this social experiment are inevitable. The people of the world have witnessed it at least 3 times in modern history, the rise of totalitarian regimes.

I’m being told to still have faith in a democratic system that has failed us not once, but multiple times in the last 2 years.

The reality is that, via twitter and Facebook and FoxNews interviews, Trump will continue to erode our trust in the government, the press, our security agencies, our politicians, and every other facet of our society until the only person we trust, is him.

Trump stokes fear in us by igniting the flame of hate and intolerance in the hearts of those that would like nothing more than to return to what they perceive as a Male-ruled, White, Christian America.

You need only look to YouTube rants recorded and posted for posterity that show how The Trump Effect has taken hold of many people… including, most recently, of all things, someone that in all appearances, could be a Grandmother.

As a side-note: This is the only positive aspect I have found in this inane situation, all of the racists and bigots have been let out of the closet. We know who they are…


Look… Hitler promised Germany a cleansing. A return to old German ideals and, yes, genetic stock.

I suppose Trump never promised any of that with his “Make America Great Again” slogan (um… America is already ‘great’!), or his threats to deport “illegal” immigrants, create a Muslim registry (um… Hitler began his slow march to concentration camps by creating, and requiring Jews to register, and later mark their clothing…).

Surely, he, Trump, never invoked authoritarian tactics by threatening to circumvent the legal process and the constitutional requirements of due process, with the sole purpose of prosecuting an opponent to his bid for presidency (“lock her up!” under whose authority and with what charges? Executive and judicial branches have DIFFERENT and opposing jobs for a REASON!).

For those that don’t understand the previous rhetorical questions… Understand that Trump is a fascist, authoritarian, dictator and bully based solely on his own words and behavior.

For those that still don’t understand why I am so opposed to a Trump presidency – know that my concerns, and yes fears, have nothing to do with Clinton, nothing to do with being a democrat, or a moderate liberal-leaning conservative.

My fears and concerns have everything to do with knowing our own, and the world’s history.

To those that know the history, I apologize for the cursory, and somewhat incomplete nature of my own historical explanations, but time is short, and blogs… well, I had to keep it as brief as possible. If I have made an error, please clarify or correct it. This blog has far exceeded what is considered decent.

This situation, the immaturity exhibited in the face of a serious political office; the level of disregard for the system that Trump has shown throughout the election process, yet, somehow, now is charged to uphold its constitutional values… this type of situation never ends well.

What? He didn’t mean it? Well then…

At the least, if he didn’t really mean it, it sets a dangerous precedence for future elections.

Oh… so he did mean it. Well then…

At the most, if he did mean it, well, so did Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini… Feel free to research their results.

Still disagree?

Perhaps though, even after considering those 2 inferences above, you still think that I am wrong. And all the Trump supporters and apologists are right, that none of the things that Trump has said, done, lied about, or promoted in alt-right or foreign dictators, is scary. And it can’t possibly create an even more divisive party politics and election next time around.

 Well, I suppose we will have to agree to disagree.


Meanwhile, we, the awake, will batten down the hatches, stockpile and print the REAL stories while we still can – before they are altered… and be on the alert for attacks on our liberty as free-thinking individuals in a democratic society.

In conclusion, all I would add is this:

I received another email today for a call to action against perceived and pending attacks on our liberty and constitutional system… and was struck by the addition of the phrase “…and to reclaim power.” This was in addition to the litany of protecting minorities, our civil liberties, et al.

Reclaim power? What the hell.

Let’s work on that syllogism there all you liberal progressives. It’s ultimately a fallacy called “Denying the antecedent”.

  • If you believe in liberty, social justice, civil rights, etc. Then you cannot say, “except for those people.”

We have to stop this infighting.

We are all Americans.

Some ‘social justice’ may just have to wait until the public is ready for it. Just like gay marriage. And we have to look for compromises until then. Because, in my lifetime, I have yet to see a single compromise in the conservative versus liberal, Christian versus secular, arguments. It’s been a knee jerk, push and pull, knock down-drag out (pun intended), fight for control of the country’s heart and soul.

And our country is dying because of it. Trump is just a product of our own self-interests and pettiness. Maybe some of the naysayers are right, Americans Deserve a Trump Presidency and all the crap that comes with it.

For now… Remember that when Jesus “turned the other cheek”, it was not a submissive act. It was an act of defiance against one of the world’s oldest (military) totalitarian regimes.

And that a lack of kindness, compassion, and disregard for others’ beliefs – our progressive plowing through to progress is what set the groundwork for Trump’s rise to power… just as treatment of Germans post WWI led to the rise of Hitler.

If we want to get rid of hate and intolerance in the world, we must change the ground rules of war. We are still making the same mistakes, over and over again.

And hate keeps winning.

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