Okay… so a new WP follow friend, dsdaughtry, posted a blog “To Russia with Miniscule Love“… and prompted a response from me… and, as I was typing, I realized that this was an opportunity for a Weekend Funny! (Yay! I have missed them!) ENJOY! 🙂

Here’s the deal:

Look, I like Russia. I studied their history and culture enough to develop an appreciation of it.   I took a semester of a Russian language immersion course in the late 1990’s with all intent of taking 3 more semesters, and traveling to Russia after graduation to work… (Life happened…)

I know that they are good, hard-working, and sensible people.

Therefore, in my partially-educated opinion, Putin is not representative of Russian political ideology or culture… he’s an outlier, a freak accident.

Perhaps Putin and Trump are just the same, crap-end result of an over-indulgent, left-winged, politically liberal diet?

Putin is still in power, well, because there aren’t any term limits, and, well, who knows… as his historical predecessor stated so succinctly, “It is enough that the people know that there was an election…” (Stalin).

Trump probably thinks Putin is going to tell him how he was able to extend his term limits.

Anyway… despite freakish facts, like the Clintons’ attending the inauguration, and the apologist/”maybe-this-won’t-be-so-bad” people condoning and explaining away his craziness… on a daily, hourly, in-line-with-his-tweet-schedule, basis…

I still don’t buy that Trump has any idea what the heck he is doing…

Case in point: Trump stated this week that the Russian hacking was a ‘political witch hunt’. He followed his assertion quickly by stating; there was no way that the CIA could have traced the email hack to Russia, since they hadn’t even requested access to the DNC computers. LMAO.

What a freak.

Here’s your free laugh for the day. “The IT Crowd” was a far-too-short-lived BBC comedy circa 2006. It was most definitely written by and/or consulted by actual IT people.

I guarantee that he, Trump, probably thinks this skit was a documentary: