I thought I would test out a Sunday Afternoon blog format… a lot of these perfect opportunities for debate and discussion get pushed aside. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think! 🙂

Are the new requirements of technology to keep us in touch actually causing us to be out of touch?

Bernie Sanders made a public statement recently that Hillary Clinton Supporters were ‘out-of-touch’.

I have been trying to ignore the statement. And failing miserably.

…the level of ignorance that such a statement exhibited.

…the level of smug selfish disregard… to even consider judging people or to make a public statement against those who voted for someone – no longer a political opponent – as ‘out-of-touch’.

Out of Touch? With what? With whom?

Yes. I was admittedly shocked by the election results of 2016. I had no idea that there were enough people spread out among the rural areas of the states that would vote for someone like Trump. I suppose my faith in the American people has been shaken, quite a bit.

Yes. I had no idea until after-the-fact that there were fake stories being proliferated and shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter more often than the actual stories.

Newsflash, but I am not on Facebook, or Twitter. I have a life, and it keeps me pretty busy. Here’s my daily/weekly technology requirements:

  • Check the (multiple) school online databases daily if there are missing assignments, and weekly until there are missing assignments (or bad grades).
  • Get texts, email alerts, and other phone messages for scheduled assignments, tests, after-school events and activities… and if they missed a day, or a class, or, well, anything.
  • Get texts and/or text husband to pick up a missing recipe item on the way home, to ask my teenager where they are and why I can’t see them on find-friends… etc.
  • Get texts and/or email forwards for “you-have-to-see-this” freaking YouTube videos or memes. Ugh.
  • Get text and/or email alerts about class changes, assignment updates, and schedule changes… oh and due dates for administrative paperwork and/or preparatory work for the next semester FOR ME.
  • Check my phone and/or computer for local, national, and international news updates daily.
  • Try to sit down and actually watch the news on television, when it isn’t some hyped up reporting show or talk news show. (I’m going for once a week – that seems to work…)

Throughout 2016… I kept and still keep the news feeds on my phone and computer for NPR, BBC, CNN, even NBC, MSNBC, and yes, USA Today… I read the same story on multiple sites for comparison if it seems overly hyped, or questionable.

Which is why it made it so hard to argue with people when they were getting their (fake) news from Facebook and Twitter. Or, heaven-forbid, FoxNews.

Was I out-of-touch when engaging in debate with anti-Hillary and/or pro-Trump people and gave up when I was hit with that final “child-sex-trade” story about Clinton… Was I out-of-touch to think, “What the hell… this person is Crazy.”

Not only did I have no idea at the time where that person had gotten that tidbit from, but I figured anyone that believed such a ludicrous and obviously false story must need psychological help.

I had no idea that so many other fake stories about emails, and other crap were being shared MORE OFTEN than the real stories that said, “Okay, this email said this… but…”

So… I was out-of-touch, simply because I lacked the access to fake news?

I was out-of-touch because I ignored obviously hyped up headlines and actually read the article?

What the hell?

I had a life.

And guess what… so does everyone else.

Even the people that voted for Trump. Up to and including the 2.8 million more voters that DID NOT vote for him.

My New Year’s wish? For people to turn off Facebook news. Cancel the Twitter feed. Stop watching FoxNews… [1]

Stop feeding the beast that is devouring us.

WE ARE ALL overloaded with technology.

We are all BUSY PEOPLE. And the media knows this:

  • News feeds and social media sites want ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY: To Get You TO CLICK ON IT and especially to SHARE IT. They get their money that way.

Therefore, be frugal with your clicks. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ.

Unprecedented does not even begin to express the current travesty of our political system.

If we don’t learn from this… we are screwed. The next election will be even worse.

[1] Just because they say that they are ‘balanced reporting’, it does not mean that they actually are… If you want ‘balanced’, add NBC news to your newsfeed queue, I hear that Fox considers them the Anti-Christ to their Christ mentality.