Okay… so this is a few years old. I completely forgot that I had written it. Enjoy… and if you liked the movie – apologies… but I have a history of disliking ‘his’ movies as well as the style of movie invoked herein. lol.

._.. . ._ …_ . INTERSTELLAR ._.. . ._ …_ .

There are only 2 movies I have seen at the theatre that I suffered the compulsion to walk out on; Broken Arrow and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

With Broken Arrow, it was the over-produced, over-directed, and every actor had their own entry music overkill. For How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, well, maybe it was the exceeded word limit for titles, but really, it was the soft cam for Ms. Hudson that did it, just as much as it was the crappy story line and wooden (and predictable) dialogue.

It never occurred to me to walk out on Interstellar, though in retrospect, it should have.

I was too wowed by CGI tricks and well-timed, well directed scenes to think of leaving.

I did suffer from a few involuntary eye rolls when dialogue became exposition then sermon, but the pace was enough that in moments I was pulled into the next crisis and almost forgot about it. Almost.

The storyline had promise. The earth was dying, humans needed a new home. The family dynamic was there. Single father has to leave his kids to save the world. But, pretty much as soon as he left the planet, well, the story did too… and it didn’t go with him.

As I left the theatre, I had the sinking suspicion that I had suffered through an extremely long movie, but really, how long could it have been?

I looked at my watch. Holy Crap. THREE HOURS? HAD I ACTUALLY BEEN IN THE THEATRE THREE HOURS? Okay, maybe the previews took up, what 20 minutes or so?

I felt as though I had been sucked through a black hole and suffered a severe time distortion. I had to call my husband at home to check my watch and make sure that I was in synch with the rest of the world.

How could so much time pass with such little happening?

I had no better understanding of the characters. I didn’t feel like I had learned anything about the human condition or nature. I didn’t even have a completed story line to roll around in my mind for the next few weeks.

As I sit here now, I am still struggling with what story I was actually told and how or why I should care about it. Much like I felt after watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, well, except with 10 Days I was more stupefied than angry.

So, I have passed through the black hole that was Interstellar and came out the other side, and all I have to show for it is lost time.

I have to say that it was a visually stunning movie. There were a few surprises in the form of cameo appearances. It had a promising storyline and the acting was okay. But ultimately, I was disappointed and confused.

It was a movie with no real Resolution and actually left a paradox that is impossible to fix, except with a sequel. Please God, No!

Whoever was sitting behind me and to the right expressed my discontent best. When the screen went to black and the credit for “Christopher Nolan, Director” appeared; his curt and well-timed response to the ending was a simple, understated, questioning and confused, “Well…”