Okay… Fandom Time… only logical replacement for GMT.

Is FT. Fandom Time. Every time I post the wrong time, well…

I’m at this blogging thing for 6 months now.

Still feeling my way around the edges…

Not to judge WP… but my last blogging venture… in the aughts, was way more fun.


Still trying to figure that exactly… mostly… it was less people I think.

Less adverts. Less impetus to make money and more impetus to interact. To share. To break down barriers and question reality in the G.W. years.

I apologize.

My ukulele wielding emo posted 24 hours too soon. I seriously miscalculated Greenwich Mean Time. I mean, really, who determined that anyway as a standard? What was it? They met all the credentials for a re-calculator-y clock via the alignment of some stars?

I don’t know what happened.

Really don’t… Bit foggy actually…

But for recompense… I offer this discussion from tonight. I hope it is sufficient:

“Sorry I’m late… Got caught up in a political discussion.”

“Really? With who?” (*ahem* whom little missy! Shut up.)

“Mr. M.”

“oooh” (Mr. M. voted for the big T.)

“Yeah… but I held my ground…”

“And how much was that…”

“Well, until reality met FoxNews.”



“Mr. M. actually said, ‘well I watch Republican News…'”



“He said it.”

“He said it.”

“So… Mr. T supporter supports the biased media?”


“Thought so…”

“Pass the wine…”

“Hold on there Tex… eh… not quite full there… fill ‘er up.”

Welcome 2017.

Good wine. Good conversation. Some really great arguments.

And don’t forget the popcorn.

*Oh… and a little escapism via science fiction is cool too… “Beyond” is the newest coolest addition I have found yet… who knew the regular channels would be able to compete with cable? *yay*