Happy Saturday all! I’m getting ready for the next semester to start, trying to get my office in order, and bemoaning the fact that I missed the Women’s March today. šŸ˜¦ To all those, in the US and around the world, marching today to let our new President know that we are not a thankless lot… I thank you. What a beautiful day.

Jdub posted today that she was having problems with WP and comments… I am having difficulty as well with WP…

Passive-Aggressive difficulties.

Okay, so… all vices have their virtues. All strengths have their weaknesses. I admit to having used passive-aggressive tactics to forward positive change in various work and home situations. I’m all about balance you know… But… I have a tendency to absorb that aspect of human nature if I am forced to use it too often. And it seeps into my thinking process.

Yesterday was one of those days. And I started, yet again, to wonder if I had been black-listed by WP. My askimet stats are nil, zero, nada… not a blip. What the hell? I have like 75 followers, and my site is (was) indexed, should have shown up on the reader when people searched by tags… were they blocking me? Did I put in an offensive tag by accident?

*snicker* No. I don’t really believe that… but when a brain works like mine, it’s required to consider all possibilities before reaching a conclusion.

After all… I know that I have said things about WP code and their business model of advert clicks, and blogging for money… but I really haven’t been mean about it. Have I?

Really, I think I have been really stressed lately because of this last class… It was a, yes, it really was a 17 day crunch class on the physics of speech and sound. And the text is the second worst text in the history of textbooks. I ACTUALLY THREW IT ACROSS THE ROOM YESTERDAY. It spent an ENTIRE CHAPTER explaining an algorithm AND DIDN’T PROVIDE THE FREAKING SYMBOLS. *ARgH* I had to google it. That was a waste of $160. *ugh*

So, when I started lamenting the perceived lack of readership… I have to remind myself that it may be due to factors way out of my control.Ā Like, people are busy…

Who the heck am I? I’m justĀ this little blog floating on the edge of the internet, on my little inner tube, soaking up the sun and enjoying the scenery, trying to get back to writing again…

It may also be because I consciously steer clear of the twin peaks island of Facebook and Twitter… they keep spewing lava and hot burning ash… *shiver*.

So… the fact that I don’t have 1300 followers or even 1 page view of my newest post… Well, whatever. Get over it, I say… and move on.

In conclusion… I will be turning down the dial on the blogging thing.

I will be here, that is inevitable. I must escape some time…Ā You will see more posts like this. More poetry. And less politics. And I have 2 more short stories in the works. (If anyone wants to read the next installment of Etta and Milly story, give a shout out and I will bump it up in the queue.)

Some weeks I may not post at all, but will try to visit your sites. I am positive that there will be food blogs at least once or twice a month…Ā 

IĀ hope you will stay tuned! šŸ™‚