I find it interesting that we keep discussing how ‘disrespectful’ the ‘opposition’ is being regarding the inauguration.

Disrespectful? Really? What the hell?

It’s like we are required to develop social amnesia about the things that Trump has said ‘since’ being ‘elected’. Forget all that crap he said before. He kept talking. It was almost like he wanted to be disqualified.

Yes people boycotted the inauguration. People that were originally planning to attend despite their dislike of Trump – well, until he opened his 140 character mouth and disrespected a very respected icon of the Civil Rights Movement.

Yes there were demonstrations. That is our God-given, American approved, Constitutional RIGHT.

But really, before that happened, amnesia had already set in. And the sanctity of the office of president was already compromised when the RNC allowed an unqualified candidate into the election process without properly vetting or background checking them.

FACT: If you are an average citizen and have ever filed bankruptcy, EVEN ONCE. You cannot qualify for a high level security clearance.

FACT: The list of not only conflicts of interest, but of other questionable activities that should have automatically sent him to the 86 file for the RNC is LONG. (Trump U? Won’t divest, divulge, or otherwise comply with the protocol that every other president has done?)

The reality is that Trump bought and bartered his way into the position he is in now. And we WILL find out very soon what and who helped him along. (Hint… look to the Primary elections…)

As far as what disrespect is considered ‘unprecedented’… For the RECORD and google the CNN and NPR articles to back it up (i.e. Nixon):

  • Boycotting the inauguration is fairly common.
  • Demonstrations against election results and electoral college votes versus popular vote is not a new thing.

Oh hell… The list goes on… every single complaint has a precedence.

I think what is really bothering the opposite side of the opposition people is that it has been in such large numbers. Well except for the inauguration itself.

Unprecedented numbers.

You know… like the unprecedented numbers of people that DID NOT vote for Trump?

Almost 2.9 million.

I’ve heard ridiculous arguments that ‘if you remove California and some other state’s votes… Trump won by a landslide.


Sorry, but that is the most ridiculous, what was it Conway called it? “ALTERNATIVE FACTS”?

Um… California not only contains the most square mileage area of any state in the Union, I’m pretty sure that it also contains more people.

Look… here’s the deal.

Majority Ruled Democracy allows for discontent. We don’t have to all agree. And in fact, the lack of debate and discussion is what put us in this position in the first place. And that BEGAN on the conservative side after Obama won in 2008. How do I know? I lived in an ALL conservative neighborhood… and the neighbors stopped talking politics.

Let us also remember what the opposition to the opposition stated multiple times prior to the election. THAT THEY WOULD RIOT AND REVOLT IF TRUMP DIDN’T WIN.

And that opposition is well-armed.

So… this response to an ill-equipped, ill-qualified president is perfectly valid and inline with what is allowed in this country.

Get over it.