Okay, I am trying really hard not to write any political blogs. I promise, this isn’t one. But… then, there’s this thing that’s been making me laugh since last year. And it’s not political at all… just possibly politically motivated.

I hesitated to blog about it, because, well, I didn’t want my blog to get flagged by any security agency people.

A little over 2 years ago… I went with a friend to a local gun shop for a ‘Ladies Night’. It was a pretty good deal. $25 and you get to fire, I think 10 different hand guns. I had never fired a handgun before… All my experience was with rifles and shotguns. Meh, why not? Plus, it was one of my uber-liberal friends… the irony alone was worth the trip.

Ever since, and I promise I am NOT exaggerating… ever since Trump was elected as the candidate for the Republicans in March. A good YEAR after my visit… I began getting emails for gun sales.

Yes… weekly, and now that he is president… bi-weekly emails.

Only I would find that funny… because, here’s the thing – I NEVER gave them my email and I paid cash. LMAO.

Conspiracy theory?

Nah… just the advert people that phish other people’s emails for possible buyers.

Any thoughts? Should I be worried?