Hello all! Welcome back… it has been a crazy week of classes, not reading what I was supposed to read, you know… school stuff. Sorry for the small divergences back and forth into politico-land… but there were too many blogs out there asking the same question. lol.

The following is, well, ‘a form’ of prose that I wrote last year (I think)… I have thousands of these snippets written… I don’t naturally fall into poetry when I write, I fall into paragraphs of prose. Weird, right? Some I did turn into poetry… but that was last week… 

I spent far too long trying to figure out what the heck to do with them… publishers don’t even have a place for paragraphs of prose (that I know of, chime in if you do!)… but I often have the urge to write brief passages that seem pointless at the time, but then they grow on me… Despite the pointlessness of the endeavor, I enjoy the challenge of making the words as succinct, yet vague, as possible. Enjoy! Here’s my first installment:

Falling…                                                         Copyright© 2017 T. Riggs

There are actually times, throughout the day that I feel this weight pulling on me.

Like I am falling all of the time and I just don’t know it. But at these special times I am allowed a glimpse.

Gravity pulls me down, down, and I can feel movement – a sense of turning or shifting. I stop and look down, my feet are firmly planted, but still, I can feel a pull. The tugging sense of perpetually falling.

For just a moment, a millisecond that seems to extend for an hour, my heart races and I brace myself, like on a portion of a carnival ride that makes the bolts squeak. I want to close my eyes and cringe. Awaiting my fate.

But the moment passes.

I look around, touch the wall or a door handle… anything to confirm.

I am still here.

The clouds above, defy the physics of my own psyche.

The wind blows.

The rain falls.

Life goes on.

When I am falling, all the ridiculousness of this life goes away. The trials and tribulations of life on earth don’t matter. All of our human frailties and faults… Nothing matters.

Life is just an existence. Well, at least it was…

It’s not like that anymore…

When the feeling of falling hits me here, in the city, in this mass of people and intention, it is offsetting.

The feeling is… disconcerting.

I miss my quiet back yard. When the world was simpler. I miss the animals, the trees, and the sky. The feel of the soft grass beneath my bare feet. I miss the stars.

I am suffocating in this place.

Where it is never dark. Where I can never really see and feel the warmth of the earth below and the soothing coolness of the expanse above me.

I feel like that if the world did, really, start to fall away here… there would be absolutely nothing to grab onto.

And I would be thrown from this carnival ride and float away…