Thanks to those that took the poll in my previous blogs about WP problems. It seems most all are getting posts via email, which I was unsure was an option. (I thought there was a setting somewhere in there I had to check or uncheck…) And explains the negative views.


This week has involved my first post via my phone… which was really just a badly embedded video clip from YouTube. lol. But, hey, gotta start somewhere.

Askimet* can bite it. I’m never looking at it again. (Thanks Jdub! Great advice… it’s not all that useful…)

Based on responses, I was able to go through my settings and fix a few things (and check options I didn’t know I had, like compatibility for phones and peripheral devices…)

Needless to say… the learning curve is leveling out.

I hope you will stay tuned. 🙂

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

*Yes, I know the k and s flipped… Here’s a reason and a warning to app name creators: DO NOT mix fricative and plosive and/or lingua-velar and lingua-alveolar phonemes. It makes the world frustrating for recovering stutterers.