Happy weekend all. Apologies for the lack of badly hand-drawn comics in the past few months. My sense of humour suffered a major setback around about November 8th. The events that transpired after, and are still continuing… well, the world is NOT a funny place anymore. Which is why I am so thankful there are those out there still able to find humour in it. That person is not me though… I require escapist humour in these dark times.

I introduced you to various of my alter-egos in the fandom and cartoon realm over the past six months of this 3rd blogging venture of mine…

Now, I introduce you to Nicole Watterson, aka Gumball’s mom.

We share various traits, such as the latent anger that she harbors and kick-ass fight that she can call out in a moment’s notice to fix various situations. However, she possesses super-powers, like in this video clip, that I have yet to develop.

I secretly envy her 2 dimensional capacity for THE FINGER SNAP. Enjoy! 🙂