As I said last week… my sense of humour suffered a major disruption circa November 8, 2016. Thus, I require escapist humour to survive the coming months… (well, until the Lord sees fit to follow through with my smiting wish…) *ahem* Did I say that out-loud?

What were we saying?

Old Testament? Oh nooahhh….


Oh yeah. Probably get a bit singed for that one… but well… if you laughed, we’re good.

Anyway. I had a brief foray into the Tumblr world last year. I recorded my sense of the journey, for posterity, Here. I really hope they don’t hate me, because I love them. I’m just too old to keep up.

This is THE artistic soul that was one of the best follows I was fortunate enough to find in my short stint in such an ADHD, forever streaming, crazed class V river, run world:

The Sea Rabbit. Please go to youtube.com and check out (i.e. search for) some of his other videos. They are quite brilliant at times… but mostly – relevant and funny.

I especially love his video on falling asleep in class, because well, not only does it harken back to Mr. R’s Chemistry class in high school (and the rolled up poster board that brought me back to the land of the awake on a daily basis)… it applies to my grad school situation now.

I am taking a Neurology course. Which I love. BUT… the professor has this soothing baritone voice… that *yawn*… well… I actually DID fall asleep last class. For a full 5 minutes. And, well, it’s embarrassing and upsetting, because I LOVE Neurology (draw pics and everything!). See pics below:

img_0871 img_0870

As far as the brilliantly illustrated and executed video from The Sea Rabbit… well, I hope you enjoy their point-of-view on this far-too-common phenomena as much as I did! 🙂