The Emperor’s New Clothes

“Oh thank you my dear… they’re lovely.”

“I knew you would love it daddy.”

“You know what dear… I will hold a news conference. A news conference to show the world my new clothes!”

“Oh… um… should you do that father? Um… there is more, it was just a part… of…” To the side, the minions glared.

“Why not honey?”

“Oh, nothing…”

Flashes of light, almost-silent clicks of phone cameras and large digital cameras flooded the room as the emperor entered, a cloak pulled around him.

“Hello people! Hello! I wanted to bring you together today, to hold this wonderful court. And to show you what lovely new clothes my people made for me…”

The Emperor stepped out from behind the podium to reveal his newest garb. He flung his arms out to either side and pulled up and out, the edges of the cape.

Gasps and giggles erupted… some of the faces in the audience turned red. Eyes bulged. Chins dropped revealing pink mouths and tongues that were slowly turning blue from lack of oxygen.

For all the Emperor was wearing… The only attire that the Emperor was wearing…

Was a cape.

Made of the National flag.

The Emperor’s overweight torso, pale skin and legs… and, well, the rest, reflected off of the ensuing barrage of flashing camera lights. The exasperated giggles and gasps continued to erupt in a wave of revelation after revelation as they confirmed again, and again what they were seeing.

Yes… The emperor was, but for his cape of pride…


…and utterly…


Bare before the world.

The Emperor spun around, twirling his new cape and grasping the edges with both hands… he shouted for all to all in the room and for posterity, “Now, isn’t this so much better? Isn’t it?”

On the side, behind the curtain, his minions snickered. “See… I told you, give him enough time… and we will be in power.”