Follow me… down the yellow brick road.

Everyone knows the story of Dorothy. Of the Tin Man. The Lion. And The Scarecrow.

But, do they understand the division of the logical psyche these four characters embody?



Hope. Innocence. Purity. Sanctity.

The Tin Man.

Logic. Order. Rule of physical laws.

The Lion.

Courage. Truth. Forthrightness. Fear.

The Scarecrow.

Caution. Carelessness. Incompetency. Knowledge.

It seems almost… sacrilegious to dissolve the characters to their pure form.

It robs them of their power somehow. Their strength.

They lose the ability to recompose themselves in the psyche of the individual reader, comprehend-er, learner…

They lose their personal relevance.

I apologize if I have robbed you of the opportunity. Please. Feel free to read the original, un-edited, version, and argue with me.

In another, long-told story one of my favorites is Rumpelstiltskin.


An impertinent imp who manages to trick an ambitious young girl into promising him her first-born child.

All for the sake of learning to spin straw into gold. And marrying the Prince.

Not an analogy at all for Hollywood. For the culture of the Individual. For the Cult of Personality that the 1980’s singers warned us of…

But… in both stories is a lesson. A tool, to overpower the opposition. To redefine the cage from which the bird sings.

So… when, in 1984, the author showed his true ponderings by asking why the Proles still found a song in their hearts while pounding the dust out of large throw rugs…

…we can discover a way out of our own mess…

…The mess that was purportedly inherited…

…The mess that is in the process of being renamed…





And thus… we have a syllogism to help us make it through.

For… if we accept the general parameters given:

  • Trump is the elected president of the US. (POTUS)
  • The GOP is in power.
  • Potential power is testing its limits (NK and the remainder of the USSR).

Then… all we need to do is adopt a different strategy.

A different world-view.

We only need to change what it means to be president.

No longer is there a President of the United States.

But, the proxy leadership of the ruling partisan, two-party system.

No longer is there a commander-in-chief of the military forces.

There is but the figure-head of the alt-whatever-extreme forces that push and pull for power in our political spectrum.

No longer is there a person, an entity, which represents all of our best qualities to present before the world.

There is only our worst id, our lowliest common-denominator. To be controlled, circumvented, and otherwise objectified, by the cabinet which their ruling party sees fit to empower.

If we accept that the presidency is no longer the highest office of the land.

If we accept the highest office of the land is beholden to the societal whim of one side of a Hegelian dialectical argument, despite the repercussions, despite the actual applicability of the legislation put forth…

Then it is easy. It is simple.

To accept the Presidency of the United States of America as just another episode of the Bachelorette.

Where the US is forced to choose from the most fortunate. The loudest. The most opulent. The most propitious of candidates.

And suffer the slings and arrows of those misfortunes which other countries have long ago, let go. Yet, somehow return to haunt us…

Then, we are truly free… to sing. To live. To enjoy life. Despite the sound of the ICE agents beating down our doors.