Debate Tuesday: Moral Obligation

I watched the news on Monday. God help me. For a whole 3 minutes.

In that short time, I saw part of a speech 45 gave at some Gala event thing at the White House.

Which prompted me to turn it off.

It was instinct, a flight response, making my fingers click the cable/TV off button. Very little thought was involved. I was like a gazelle dodging to escape a lion’s snapping jaws. I ran. And ran. Away.

I had high hopes the TDS (The Daily Show) would mock the speech.

Because, in literally milliseconds of vocal expression, there were days and days of comedic meat to feed upon.

But… perhaps because of the past week’s hiatus… and the limited time frame of 22 minutes… I suppose TDS was morally obligated to review the previous week of 45’s antics… ignoring his Gala speech.

Yet, somehow, they managed to discuss the Oscar blunder…? *peak blackness*

Hehe. Okay, that was pretty good… but…

TDS didn’t even mention the Gala.

Only the Correspondent’s Dinner 45 refused to attend.

The only time in 36 years that a sitting president has missed such an auspicious occasion. And that was an assassination attempt… (Reagan)

I suppose if character assassination was what 45 was avoiding… perhaps the Correspondent’s Dinner refusal was a valid chess play.

Still, since TDS failed in mocking the Gala speech, for whatever (perfectly valid) reasons, I feel morally obligated to make fun of the situation. Enjoy.

THE GALA SPEECH: (well, the part that I turned the channel to…)

45: {…now I’m going to be meeting with Congress on Tuesday… and there will be lots of discussion see… important discussions, about important issues… and… and… well, healthcare… it might be mentioned…}

*Laughter from a few awake and aware individuals in the audience*

45 turned, yes, he actually did, towards the chuckles and smiles sideways, waving his tiny hand, {Now… now…}

I halfway expected him to step off the stage at that point and pull a quarter from behind someone’s ear.

It was disconcerting… to see someone, in such an auspicious role, behave so… so… simply.

He was, quite literally, talking out of his… well, you know.

He was like that ‘adorable’ grandpa I had heard a conservative friend call him… the grandpa that always had a story, a trick, or a cute incomprehension of VCR and DVD clock programming.

And this dude is running our country?

This bad grandpa has his thumb on the nukes?

What the heck?

Come on GOP… even you have to see the ridiculousness of this situation.


That’s just nature taking its course…

…it’s what happens when caregivers forget to change their geriatric patient’s adult diapers.