I’m a sucker for a clearance sale…

And, yes, I am guilty of buying books based solely on the author’s name.

I know…

It’s a shameful habit.

I’ve railed so much against the whole ‘celebrity author personality’ culture… but, well, if you find something good… stick with it. Right? Besides… you know you love an author’s writing, when you even suffer through the terrible ones. (Jules Verne, HG Wells, CS Lewis… all had stinkers of books…YES… I’ve read them… *Perelandra!* and ALL…)

I frequent used book stores and flea markets for the sole purpose of redemption…

I rescue books from extinction by long forgotten or overlooked authors, in hopes it will be enough to counterbalance my transgressions.

For example, I recently visited my local book store… and was welcomed by not only a clearance sale of overstock items… but a newly published book by a favorite author. AND… suffered an impulse buy for the sole intent and purpose of rescuing the human race from lunacy – A completely narcissistic masquerading as egalitarian impulse…

Oh hell, it’s just a snobby-ass world-view…


As early as last week… I bought 2 books for the sole OCD purpose of finishing out a series. (I had already purchased the first book in the trilogy)

AND… a newly released book by a favorite author, but… IT WASN’T EVEN HIS STORIES.

AND… before that… a book to educate the world. *bwahahaahaha*

I’m so going to Hell for this…

You Decide…



This book, Trivium, was purchased during Christmas Break. It’s a well-organized, and concise compilation of all of those rhetoric and logic skills I am always harping on…

It seemed relevant… and necessary – at the time.

I wanted to gift it to my nearest and dearest conservative friend, neighbor, or family member. You know… as a way of awakening their minds… but…

The funny thing is… I couldn’t bring myself to part with it.

I had the sense it would be like giving a Gutenberg Bible to a bunch of chimpanzees…

They would just tear it to shreds, eat it, and throw the remainder at passersby.

See! Hell… it’s in my future.


Neil Gaiman.

Oh my gosh.

I’m such a fan girl!

I started reading The Sandman back in the 1990’s… what’s funny is it wasn’t necessarily him, Gaiman’s writing, that won me over… it was him and the Artist. (Not the phallic minded ones… the more… emotionally adept and scrawley artsy ones.)

There was a scene… of a woman, stuck in dreamland… and the artist portrayed her like a heroin addict. It was painfully… beautiful… and sad… and I was hooked from there… read ALL of them…

Now my collection is like this:

img_0910 img_0911

Woefully incomplete… which might explain what prompted me to buy this:


Okay… It’s not that bad… It’s actually quite good… well, the first few pages. (Haven’t finished it yet… too much to do!)

I’m SUCH a sucker… but… the selling point for this one?

It’s written so well, and so simply, even young children can appreciate the stories. As one that has read some of the ORIGINAL stories, and um… read them all, yeah, that’s it (nope, tried, then was reprimanded by a Welsh professor for my assumptions… so… yeah…)… I can vouch that an 11 year old… well, the originals wouldn’t carry over to the modern vernacular.

Kudos to Neil Gaiman for accomplishing the feat. Looking forward to sharing this one with my youngest.



Yes. I’m a Terry Pratchett fan. AND I love this story… and was aghast I had somehow missed the last two books in the trilogy. These 2 were CLEARANCE items… *gasp*

I pre-purchased the first one…


In… what was it? 2011? Geez. Time flies.

Still… at least they are all together now… when I finally have time to read them.


Oh… and… well, where do I stand on the guilty spectrum? Here’s your chance:

Anyways…. I hope you will give these books a chance too! 🙂