Debate Tuesday: What constitutes Obstruction of Justice?

At 2 eras of my life, I have been responsible for the care and maintenance, and nurturing, of toddlers. And toddlers, well, they get in trouble, they screw up… they make mistakes.

I will say, the first time around was easy… I mean, if there’s only one… who do they have to blame for their screw-ups?

Well, then I had another child… and the second one definitely upped the game. See, this kid was so empathic, they couldn’t justify vilifying their cool, favorite, older sister for a crime they committed.

So, they invented someone to take the blame.

An invisible younger sister. She was an awful kid… bless her little abstract heart.

Now… we the people have our current President. Thanks to TDS, and Trevor Noah, we shall call him 45.

The newest toddler on the block. (Click on the pic for the origin story…)

It’s no small irony that Barnum & Bailey’s announced they are closing… I mean.. HOW CAN THEY COMPETE IN THE CURRENT SIDESHOW ENVIRONMENT?

But, the President lacks empathy, among any of the other virtues… so… he naturally goes to the older brother to *hehe* (sorry)… um… *ahem*… Older brother *snicker* to redirect the blame for his offenses…

I alternate between geriatric patient and daycare tenant.

I can’t decide which one we are dealing with one day to the next.

And… I am flabbergasted at the lack of response from the agencies who are supposed to check and balance the office.

You know…

To prevent a dictatorship?

I am going to step out on an extremely long limb here… bear with me, if you will. If your heart is strong enough… because, well, it’s a long way down. (Don’t Look!)

Take my hand, and don’t fear, because it’s a strong, extremely strong balancing branch of our government.

It’s called the Department of Justice (DOJ)… They’re responsible, well, FOR A LOT OF THINGS…. (Feel free to click on the pic for the link to the DOJ site…)


However, the newest DOJ leader in training, is gone.

Remiss, if you will…

He is a ghost in the current crisis… who is taking his place for… the investigation, for which, Mr. Beauregard has re-kuuzed heemse’f of involvement?

In some other bizarro realm… that was called a Resignation…

Because, well, that’s just what good leaders do when they commit perjury! They remove themselves from any position, or leadership role, which would require the people to trust their ethical and moral judgment.

But no… just as any Good Southern Gentleman would… Beauregard stepped out for a smoke.

The Cause for Re-Cusion?

Investigations into Trump and his cabinet’s ties with the Russians.

Trump’s response? In more than 140 characters?

45 will only “comply with the investigation…”

“… if the DOJ also investigates Obama’s links to his phone tapping prior to the election…”

*Enter OBE (Out-of-Body-Experience)*


Did the President of the United States just ask the Department of Justice for a…


In order to comply with an ongoing criminal, ethics violation, investigation?

The Emperor’s New Clothes… an old story… revisited. (CLICK FOR THE LINK)


If you are awake out there… chime in… because, man, am I feeling alone these days.



Let’s ignore the facts:

  • Sessions is GUILTY OF PERJURY! And should no longer be in charge of the DOJ…
  • Post-Watergate era, NO sitting president would even attempt, let alone have the authority to order such a thing as ‘hacking phone lines’… that is the jurisdiction of only 3 government entities… the DOJ, CIA, and, yes, the NSA. (Forgot the FBI! *Doh*)
  • Trump goaded, and openly, publicly, CHALLENGED Putin and the Kremlin to HACK THE DNC.
    • At some point, in 2015 or 2016, and well, really, since Trump’s visit to Russia in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant… (Really? That trip wasn’t flagged? Right.) If the NSA, CIA, or the DOJ had any inkling of a work ethic… yes, I would expect they would tap the douche bag’s pre-presidential PHONES. That’s what spies do, it’s their job… you idiot child in a Russian safe house. *grrr*
    • This is another prime example of Trump’s fall-back argument… whenever busted for his unethical or immoral behavior… HE IMMEDIATELY REVERTS TO THE THIRD GRADE PLAYGROUND TACTIC – “I know you are, but what am I?”
      • Well, on a good note, at least he’s no longer in daycare, right?
      • What the hell am I saying… IMPEACH THIS GUY.
      • PENCE? Him too… He’s complicit.
      • Yes… the ENTIRE cabinet.

I’m sorry, I just had a vivid memory of my youngest, when caught with a broken toy, saying, “If you give me a cookie, I will tell you who did it…” She leaned in and whispered…”It was my little sister! See! She left the other part… um… over there!”

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah…. Obstruction of Justice…

Here’s a list from the Ohio State Bar Association about what constitutes “Obstruction”.

And here’s the particular portion from the Ohio State Bar Association… for which our current, sitting president, commander-in-God-Help-Us-out-of-this-mess-Chief… is GUILTY:

Q: Does obstruction of justice always involve bribery or physical force? A: No. One particularly murky category of obstruction is the use of “misleading conduct” toward another person for the purpose of obstructing justice. “Misleading conduct” may consist of deliberate lies or “material omissions” (leaving out facts which are crucial to a case). It may also include knowingly submitting or inviting a judge or jury to rely on false or misleading physical evidence, such as documents, maps, photographs or other objects. Any other “trick, scheme, or device with intent to mislead” may constitute a “misleading conduct” form of obstruction.

I leave you, America, the jury, to decide… is our current President committing a crime, by requiring the DOJ to create another investigation meant to offset the current one?

DOJ? People?

What say BOTH of you?

*Note: I updated/corrected a few things… this post was thrown together far too fast and was too in depth to do proper editing. So thank you for overlooking obvious ill-said and improperly quoted text. (sigh) I’m actually thinking of giving myself a 300 word limit for Debate Tuesday… lol.