After the apologetic Saturday skit on SNL about Trump (dog, okay, super adorable dog, supported 45?)… and the proceeding voracious character attacks on His cabinet… I am left flustered, and confused… especially since The Baldwin has announced he won’t be playing Trump anymore? (WTF?)

What does this mean?

SNL and TDS got me through 8 years of Bush Jr… of Republican Conservative Agendas and ridiculousness…

…and they bail on us now?

What’s the game plan? I need a script…

Because, well, I dunno guys and gals. But, He’s left a hell of a lot of cabinet positions… EMPTY… and his son-in-law is meeting heads-of-state at the WH…? Say it with me…







Hmm? Oh yeah…

Moving on… (sort of…)

I wrote the following essay a long, long, long time ago…

What I am posting has been highly edited.

The Shoulder Chip… well, it’s mostly been removed.

Enough that I think all peoples can see some value in the words.

Evidently, International Womens’ Day (yes, even WP flagged the single apostrophe there!) affected me more than I thought it would.

It didn’t help that the news cast prior to SNL thought it was ‘cool’ to rag on women about their assumed lack of knowledge on basset (basKet) ball… *geez!*

And I just thought last Wednesday was a lie–in day. *urgh* 

What were we talking about? Oh yeah…

If Dante were a woman:

It has been a while since I have perused a copy of Dante’s Inferno, let alone read the thing entirely.

In my most recent reading, with that new perspective on life which age and experience inexplicably provide, I found it extremely interesting that men ‘lose their way’, get thrown off of their ‘true path’ because of vices.

Paul Ryan, being led through the hell that is now the GOP. The presidency… a headless body… Alas, if only he’d listened!

Wait… Did you read the caption to the pic above?

Go back. Read it… then continue…

Dante attributes his waywardness to a “sleepy dullness”, that is: the sin of sloth.

Women, however, get thrown off of their paths by what men call Virtues.

Perhaps I am a bit jaded, but the virtues of Charity, Hope, Temperance, Restraint and Fortitude lead most women astray. Prudence, Justice, and Courage come to rescue us sometimes too late to do any good. But then, if your only ‘purpose’ or ‘path’ is to reproduce… then those virtues work quite well. And for some women, it may be enough. For a while, at least… But then after the children are raised and the work is done and you have life left, what is there?

If you don’t nurture something in those years, you will be found wanting. You will be ‘lost’ in the ‘dark woods’, as Dante found himself “midway of this our mortal life”.

I honestly believe it is Human Nature to want to Do Good; to want to contribute to the conversation, to the collective ideas, to life in general. The desire does not go away when a job is done.

In fact it gets stronger.

Women are closer to being equal to men than ever before.

The scales of responsibility for child-rearing are balancing… but to those women still raised in the old ideal, and as usual, most are middle-class or lower… the danger still exists to slip into a lesser role again.

Parenthood is a natural and necessary part of our existence.

Yet we devalue the experience over more immediately gratifying, monetary, materialistic pursuits.

For myself, taking care of my children showed who I was… but the rest of the world only saw what.

I was reminded on a regular basis of my position in society.

From the gilded, to the crow’s cage… From the pedestal, to the pit… Everyone had an opinion. Everyone believed I had to accept their opinion of me… thank them, or be ashamed by them.

What they didn’t know… is I didn’t need their approval.

I just needed them to treat me as what I still was… an Equal.

Now that my children are older and I can begin to enter the wider world again, those experiences, what I learned from them, are not valued.

To the rest of the world, those Virtues – so prized in my gender, are really detriments, road blocks to achieving any semblance of a life that is truly expressive of who and what I am. Even though it was common sense, and a sense of responsibility and work ethic that made me decide to stay home in the first place… no one sees, or even asks why I chose the path I did… but they are certainly ready to tell me what I should do about it.

The serpents devour the republican party. Notice, how few women succumbed. Oh, I’ve diverged from the point? Or have I?


PERSONAL NOTE: Spring Forward officially SUCKs. (Yes, I am writing this on Saturday… um.. ‘night’)… Because, well, my late-nighter posting just turned into… WTF? It’s 3 am??? Geez…