If you fail to succeed, but do so epically… did you actually succeed?

My plan to get back on track with blogs… has crashed and burned.

My attempts to avoid politics, only succeeded once. (Thank you Sunday Dinner blog idea!)

How can I avoid discussing the current socio-political maelstrom, though?

How can I NOT say what needs to be said…? Especially when everyone else is looking at the silly monkey…?

I will say to all of those who seem to think “they’ve had enough of THE T WORD…” Please don’t check out now. That’s what he wants. Stay engaged. And stay in the discussion. We need all the creative, intelligent, and articulate minds we can get right now…

Because… well, God knows they aren’t in Washington DC right now… SO, for you, the awake and aware, because I know you’re tired… because, well, I am too…


And then, Move On…

This is a term from my favorite reference book, A Rulebook for Arguments, 3rd Edition (2000). I go back to it whenever I am fairly certain I am being posed a fallacious argument… but forget the exact term and/or formulae:

weasel word: changing the meaning of a word in the middle of your argument so that your conclusion can be maintained, though its meaning may have shifted radically. Usually a maneuver performed under the pressure of a counterexample.

A. “President Obama “wire-tapped” the phones in Trump Tower prior to the election, he should be investigated!”

B. “What about the fact that there is no evidence, after the initial investigation from the DOJ or other security agencies to support this claim?

A. “Well, there are many ways to “monitor communications”… not just through ‘phones’…”

*GRUMBLE* I guess it makes it easier to create alternative truth-lies, when multiple mouths are speaking out both sides… *dancing twitter monkey, oh, no, what’s that? It’s an envelope from 2005!*

Moving on…

I only posted 2 blogs last week… and now… it looks like 2 this week.

Yes, Sunday dinner will be back, but that’s technically next week.

My schedule is for $h1t.

What to do?

Eh… wing it… that’s always fun… (380 words to go!):


As some of you know… I put the WP app on my phone so I can keep track of your blogs better… well, at least in theory. And then last week happened. I had 60 emails in my queue. Plus all the ones in the reader I don’t subscribe to by email.

Wow. Tuesday was a long day.

As I was mostly catching up with you all… I noticed something in the search box for WP. “Search BILLIONS of blogs”.

Excuse me… um… did you say, BILLIONS?

Suddenly I felt like I was looking at the old McD’s sign. “Over a billion served…”

Irony stepped in for a snarky comment, but was immediately silenced by its’ counterpoint, Humility.

Wow… I have eighty-something followers…”

“And I follow eighty-something blogs…”

“It’s a MIRACLE we found one another in this freaking mess.”

So, this blog post, today, well, it’s a special Thank You to all those who take the time to read, to comment, to like, or just to drop by… on the akismet stats.

I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, when I can, and commenting when the mood hits. I hope you have too… I don’t know how long this endeavor will last, but for now…

Keep up the good work guys and gals…

And, for one special blogger out there… this song blog is for you:


My husband is a singer/songwriter incognito… (he even sings one I wrote! *gasp*)… Still, as an avid music lover, and having a freakishly weird unintentional skill (yes, even commercials!) for remembering notes, chords, and lyrics… he plays covers now and again.

You know…Those favorite songs that speak to him.

One of the songs he plays and sings is by Sun Volt, called “Windfall” on acoustic guitar. (I tried to get him to let me record him… to no avail… sorry! But, I have evil plans for the future… stay tuned… )

Anyways… Quite literally, every time I hear him play this song… I think of the blogger ‘Spearfruit’… (Terry), dealing with some pretty heavy sh*t these days…

I can’t explain why… like I said, but when I hear it, I think of him.

I can say with certainty; I immediately wish him well and healthy…