I am beginning a new series for Whatever Wednesday. It’s sort of a play on the “Weird Observations” set I began a while back with “People Watching“. I am a professed addict of the act of “people watching”. Humans are interesting creatures. Far more perceptive than they give themselves credit for… and far less intuitive. It doesn’t help that I have an active imagination. In the most boring of instances… there are 3 lifetimes of wonder, fear, and excitement. It’s a continuous, running commentary. Not about my life. This is why bloggers like Kent Wayne with his blurbs of crazed, transforming robot soccer moms SPEAK to me. lol. ENJOY! 🙂

A glimpse into the mind of a “don’t-wanna-be-a-writer”…


It’s late. My husband and I are leaving the bar, chatting with some friends as we walk out. We pause in the parking lot. It’s always difficult to end conversations, especially with my husband around. We are standing in the empty parking space between our cars. Idle, humorous, chatter on a Saturday evening. The usual jokes and jibes…

…and then, I notice a dark-colored, large, diesel-engine-looking pick-up truck, on the slightly raised parking lot behind us. Facing us. It flashes its bright lights – once. Twice. Then they turn off.

It’s then that I realize there has been a sound building in the air. A subtle thud-thud-thud. The sound of a helicopter, military-grade. On silent mode. I feel the breeze of it before I see it above. The search light scanning back and forth, barely a hundred feet above us.

I look around at my husband and friends. They’re still talking and laughing. No one has noticed the truck, or the helicopter. In fact, they haven’t noticed I’m no longer in the conversation. Was I ever there to begin with?

My husband is looking at me and says something incoherent. I try to read his lips. The sound in my head too loud. I’m, at that very moment, halfway expecting the repelling ropes to drop and a SWAT or SEAL team to descend, rifles, night-scopes, gear strapped to their backs. They were just about to hit the pavement with their boots clacking softly, then the fumbling of the line, releasing the carabiner – it would only be a millisecond. Un-clipped. Bring the rifles around, scanning the area for threats.


“Weren’t you listening?”

“Um… no…” I crinkled my eyebrows in annoyance. “Didn’t you see the truck signal the helicopter?”

“Huh?” They all looked where I pointed, at the parked truck and the helicopter still scanning back and forth with its searchlight, but further away now… “Oh, yeah… sure…?”

Everyone was looking at me now. Waiting for the punchline.

“That wasn’t weird? I was expecting a SWAT team to drop down any moment… thought we were in a spy novel for a second there…”

Thankfully, they all laughed. Phew