Greetings all… Apologies for missing last week. The Sunday Dinner muse was silent.

I have been in the midst of mid-terms, and spring break, and now another spring break (for the kids), so my schedule is even more off-kilter… but, well, in an attempt to get back on track… I’ve been in perpetual search for ‘easy’ quick, guilt-free, meals.

Thankfully, the consumer gods have smiled upon the supply chain of late. Now, there are products popping up labeled ‘protein’ enriched… which, believe it or not, based on the book:

Protein-enriched, means, *duh-duh-dunnn*, BALANCED.

There is a few products (look for them)… this one is by Pictsweet and/or GreenGiant. They have a new series of ‘microwaveable’ packs:

This one is ‘new England style’…

Of note… ANY of the ‘easy skillet’ meals in the freezer aisle only feed 2. HOWEVER… if you are super-savvy… add in some ingredients.

In this particular instance, I had leftover cabbage, celery, and some red onion (a staple).

This is ‘technically’ a Cajun mirepoix, which, is the ‘holy trio’.  (Carrots, onions, bell peppers… or, onions, bell peppers, and celery… or celery, onions, and carrots… depends on who you ask… ‘holy’ is a subjective term, you know… *hehe*)

Miropoix is a basis for, well, anything truly simple, beautiful, and that feeds a whole parish. My mother used to make Jambalaya every Friday (or thereabouts…). Jambalaya, the real kind? Is literally, what’s left over in the fridge that’s about to go bad.

I have a vivid memory, multiple, of talking my little brothers into forgoing the last few pieces of sausage on the serving plate for breakfast… it would be so good in mom’s jambalaya on Friday. (Mixed in with those leftover chicken wings and legs… and well, whatever else she had layin’ about.)

In modern times, we  have these magic packets via the flash-frozen, no weird chemical additive section… and well, Jambalaya, lives on…

Per Merriam-Webster, ‘Jambalaya’ is a mixture of diverse elements…

The etymology?

According to etymology online? It’s a stew of rice and fowl.

How uninteresting…

Moving on…

I stir-fried (in light amounts of canola oil), the onions, celery, and cabbage…

Then mixed it all-together:

An easy, quick (took all of 20 minutes) meal. It was filling… and aside from the need of some additive ingredient… (perhaps some sort of protein)… it was well-received.

As always, I hope this helps you be more brave in the kitchen. Try some protein-blend freezer pack (sans creepy chemical additives), you’ve never tried before… and take a break on those extra busy, taekwondo, tennis, got-class-tonight, days.


P.S. HAPPY EASTER! 🙂 The girls are older now… and, alas, holidays like Easter, are not on the menu anymore. 😦 Hope yours is a beautiful one though! 🙂