Greetings all. Apologies for being mostly nonexistent online. I have appeared sporadically, and sometimes trolling (trawling) in a 4 hour period, not un-like a crazed sociopath with a limited time allowance online. lol.


(remember? one guards a bridge… the other drags a net for the catch. hehe.)

But seriously, I enjoy reading your blogs… and I’m wondering where some of you went? I’ve noticed some missing faces of late… I hope all is well.

A Special Apology to my Foodies and Cooks:

My Sunday Dinners have fallen on the wayside. I have some ideas in the near future… but it won’t be this week…. or even the next. Until then, please, stay tuned. But… if you have a penchant for the political, you’re more than welcome to weigh in. (Politics seems to be the only thing that maintains my focus long enough to write lately… *sigh*)

As far as the foodies, cooks and all the other bloggers I follow… apologies times ten. I have only been able to keep up with those I follow via email…

The WP reader? Well, my viewing is dependent upon more factors than I control. SO, if I missed that most-awesomest post ever? Please tag it here, I will add it to the queue. I suspect some settings have changed, because, I am not seeing posts from some people I used to… and miss. 😦

Aside from my WP duties… I have about 3 weeks left of class this semester… a host of household, family, and life maintenance duties to attend to…

And then… well, we got a puppy. Finally. (Well, that’s what the girls probably say… lol)

See, we have been ‘looking’ for a puppy for a few years now… waiting, sometimes impatiently... But, I told the girls early on, “You don’t just find the right dog… they find you…”

Well, we have been found. 🙂

Meet our newest family member:


Yes, like the Good Doctor. (My husband and oldest call him ‘doc’)

To date, he has prevented me from reorganizing my office, cleaning the bathrooms, and starting on my final research paper… but then, well, what’s new?

Hopefully, tomorrow will be different.

I only have maybe 2 weeks to get a final draft of a research paper.

AND… I don’t even have the First draft. *gasp*

For those who have never done a research paper… well… [enter hysterical screaming voices]

I am in panic mode!

Writing is easy… it’s like breathing… the research and editing part is where the ‘real fun’ is…


For now, I have a story in the queue (hopefully) for Friday. It’s in my head, so, no promises..

And maybe something fun for Saturday… That’s merely a link and a paragraph… so… we shall see what the fates have in store.

Until then, I hope all is well with you and yours. I look forward to catching up on what I missed while dealing with Doctor Watson’s antics (he’s quite the show-off. lol). 🙂