Time of Death for Free-writing Friday? Oh… about 2:40pm… (It’s still there…. just needs more alone time… thanks for your patience.)

For today though…

My personal Ode to the web-comic: XKCD

Welcome to my first weekend funny, in, well, months.

Is this the first this year?! really?

Tempus Fugit. And… all that… well, not necessarily up… but… it, um, escapes… fleeing, Away... Bravely… Far away…

Sorry… digression. Long week. I’m putting the liberal arts flag back in its’ gilded box, for now…

If you haven’t heard of XKCD, please check out their site. The humor is, well, a bit geeky.

Okay, it’s total geekdom.

But, the wit is spot on. It’s one of my favorite online comics. I have followed them for what seems like a lifetime.

And am thankful for their gift to comic book art… It’s okay to draw stick people in comics. *yay!* You might have noticed the influence in previous comic book art I posted: Weekend Funnies 1

Before we begin though…

A few things to know about XKCD.


XKCD is called ‘X-K-C-D’, because it CANNOT be made into a kitschy tech-term ‘acronym’. Here’s a few of my favorite tech spec acronyms as an example:

  • POS (Point-Of-Sale). Still pronounced ‘P-O-S’… however… It is not lost on even the least techy cashier the ironic fact that POS also stands for piece-of-shit.
  • SCOM (Systems Center Operations Manager). If you ask me? It sounds like a venereal disease. *snicker* Or… maybe something you scrape off the bottom of a boat. Oh, wait… same thing? *hehe*
  • SPLUNK. Okay, this is technically a company name. I’m sophomoric for laughing every time I hear it. Even funnier? It’s for data storing that can be… mined. *hehe*
  • SQL (Structured Query Language). Pronounced SeQueL. Alas, I knew it when it was young, and called S-Q-L. *hehe* (I actually did… lol.)


I was more than a little peeved that the writer/artist seems to believe his humour to be above and beyond the cognitive capabilities of those dreaded Liberal Studies Majors. *grumble*

I have to allow perhaps in some sense he is right… However… Liberal Studies majors, who learned to program (computer code) on Trash 80’s (TRS80), and spent the first few years of college as a Computer Science major before defecting to the sanity of the liberal arts?

I am the statistical outlier. Lol. The Exception. *ahem*

Beyond all that… I give  you my FAVORITE XKCD cartoon of all time:

I am thus judged… here be the linkback: https://xkcd.com/1013/

AND, although this one took the honor of second place… it’s too good not to post.

I give you: Etymology Man! (I think this was the first one…)

And thus… my online persona conscience be cleared: https://xkcd.com/1012/

CHEERS! Happy Weekend all! 🙂