Thoughtful Thursday…

Yes… I know… not part of my format. But, well, the times call for it.

I have been missing and remiss this week. Karma, well, especially in email via WP land, is, well, you know.

I have, oh, about 50 voices in the queue screaming for attention. Alas, I have been, well, busy. Apologies…

You will have to wait my crickets. I will get to you… I promise… some, well, the titles alone are tempting me… and I want to check even now… but other tasks are calling…

It has been a few weeks of Country-Western two-stepping… [1]

You know… two shuffle steps forward, two steps back, and turn?

Sometimes a Texas two-step, you know, swirl around and lose your balance just about?

Yep. Like that.

Let’s begin with the positives:

  • Trained puppy to sit and stay (not biting, or at least refrain from biting)
  • Trained puppy to go potty outside
  • Trained kids to handle said puppy
  • Attended class 3 out of 4 days
  • Laundry done, on time, and on queue…

And now the negatives:

  • Missed a class (hey, sometimes, SANITY is more important than knowledge… plus, there’s those handy recordings…)
  • Still haven’t started research project due in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS *gasp*
  • Unused gym membership, week number 5
  • Attempted counseling session, epic fail

Okay… obviously that isn’t ALL I’ve done… but it gives you an idea. Really, these last few weeks have been a review and wake-up call… for those things in my life that just, well, don’t fit anymore.

And I have been forced to review choices and decisions… and relive things no one should:

  • Nightmare this week? I was forced to accept Trump as president, and announce to the world his decisions were ‘not so bad after all’. *argh!* (real dream, not kidding, it was horrifying. I woke up in a cold sweat whispering please God, No…)
  • Bill O’Reilly… et al. After a summary review via TDS tonight? Wow… have I missed some sound ass entertainment? Guess I was born into the wrong demographic. That’s some funny stuff. Besides that? Don’t let the door hit ya’…[2] The only thing I would add, regarding TDS in general this season..? It’s sad when so many valid points are only preached to the choir. The people who ‘chose’ 45 by either voting 3rd party, or voting for him… will never hear: 1) those emails sent to Clinton ‘about Sanders’? And the ones where she ‘got the questions beforehand’? Well, everyone in the DNC got those… WikiLeaks is a pawn. 2) Fox News and Alt-Right radio guys are ‘just playing a part’… a ‘character’. (And these are the ones spouting ‘alternative truths’ for the last 2 years? *geez*
  • Remember the ‘attempted counseling session’ mentioned above? OMFG… wow. Freud, look out… you have competition. Never thought I was on the Jungian side, but well, yep… Sometimes, well, after age 30… it’s just good to move on, and deal with the issues at hand, and not dredge up 30 years of crap. *ugh*[3]

Beyond all that mess?

I have Free-Writing Friday in the queue… it is begun… but, well, I dunno guys and gals… the voices are silent just yet…I expect them around 3 am. On Friday. *sigh*

Best wishes to you and yours. Hope to have something for Friday or Saturday, at least.

Will catch up with you soon!

Cheers. 🙂

[1] Notice, the woman is always going (i.e. being forced) backwards? *snicker*

[2] Okay, some of you might not know the rest of this phrase… “Don’t let the door hit ya’… “- “… Where the good Lord split ya’.”

[3] Yes, in a sense, the Freudians are right… we are never quite ‘right’ after suffering disappointment… but, well, suck it up and move on people. Life is too short.